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uninvited bump touching and uninvited comments on the size of my bump!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ilovetheweekend, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Title says it all, how do I stop people I barely know from touching my bump or at the least discourage it from happening. Obviously i'm happy for my oh to touch it but no one else!
    Also im finding a lot of people are commenting on my size, im only 16 1/2 weeks but apparently im big. How big is normal? I am a shorty, ive never been skinny and i've always been curvy.
  2. Title says it all, how do I stop people I barely know from touching my bump or at the least discourage it from happening. Obviously i'm happy for my oh to touch it but no one else!
    Also im finding a lot of people are commenting on my size, im only 16 1/2 weeks but apparently im big. How big is normal? I am a shorty, ive never been skinny and i've always been curvy.
  3. Great question ILTW as I would also like to know the answer. I practically took my best friend's hubby's head off when he rubbed my tummy on Saturday! Probably wasn't the politest response!
  4. At 36 weeks tomorrow noone has poked my tummy.
  5. Sounds like a bizarre question to the OP, but do you have quite a small body? I found that I was compared to my cousin (who is tall and has a long body) and that she had a much smaller bump than me. However, I have quite a short body (and short legs unfortunately) and what the midwife basically said to me was that if someone has a long body, there is more space for the baby to be 'inside' whereas if you have a short body, the only space is 'out'! She might just have been saying that to be polite, but it does kind of make sense.
    As for people touching your bump, I'm afraid I didn't mind - I liked the fact that people noticed I was pregnant! However, all the people who touched it were people I knew. I certainly wouldn't want random people touching it!
  6. ILTW, there's be some discussion somewhere on here before. I think someone suggested that you touch the stomach of the toucher and, if necessary, comment upon them putting on weight too!
    Your bump should have certain measurements for each week of preganacy, shouldn't it? So long as your MW is happy with your size, don't worry. And tell people that if it helps you!
  7. i have a long body and am quite tall but have a huge bump (20+6) - not liking the comments from people saying how big I am. One of my parents even said "not long now" yesterday! I could have screamed!!
    Bump rubbing another thing I don't like, luckily I've made it well known at work that I'm not a touchy feely person!! OH is an exception.
  8. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I like that one! I wish I'd thought of that when Mr Para's freaky friend touched my tummy the other week!
  9. I do have a little body and little legs (now have a weird magic mirror image in my head of a short stumpy me) so bump does stick out alot. Weight gain has nt been huge but have nt hopped on the scales for a while! I love my bump and im so very grateful I finally have one but if I am bigger than I should be then I guess I need to cut back on the junk! Only had 2 midwife app, one of those was a booking appointment so will ask her when i see her after 20 wk scan on 18 feb.
    I hate being touched, random hugs, kisses from friends they all know I dont do it. Good idea with touching them, i'll see if im brave enough to do it tomorrow.
    thanks for your help x
  10. Let us know what you do, ILTW!
  11. Maybe I could do with some of these badges. The kids have started rubbing my tummy when I'm battling though the lunch hall [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG] How awful for you! I didn't even touch my sister's bump when she was expecting.... When I get my BFP, I'm getting a badge for sure!!
  13. Loads of people told me how big I was 'Are you expecting twins?' or 'WOW, that is one huge baby'..... It was very insulting!
    I am small with a little body so I suppose that made my bump look bigger, but it measured spot on for weeks- I think it is one inch per week or something.
    I wasn't keen on the bump touching but wasn't brave enough to do anything.
  14. It didn't bother me people touching my bump - I know this sounds insane but it didn't feel like it was me.
    I am short too - they start measuring you at 25/28 weeks (from what I can remember - gosh thats useless wasn't that long ago) from then you are supposed to measure 1cm for every week pregnant - I was always a minimum of 4cm too big - but as I am little, LO had no where to go except out!
  15. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and keep getting a lot of comments that my bump is big. I'm also a real shorta**e so like the idea that there's no space inside and that's why it has to all go out!
    I got quite used to people touching as was working with year 1-2 kids and they are usually pretty tactile anyway, and all the girls wanted to stroke the bump and say hi to the baby most days. The only time it disturbed me was when an older colleague who had always been very unfriendly to me in the past would randomly touch it as we passed on the stairs, or put her hand there in the staff room. She was the only person who ever bothered me! As far as touching goes, generally the people doing it ar friends and family and they're all welcome.
    Comments can be harder, as it's hard to separate the comments on the size of the bump, from a comment on your size. In some ways I'm ok, as although people keep saying how big I am, it is also mainly all bump and all out the front, so I don't feel too bad. However, I do have a few days when I don't recognize myself in the mirror, freak out a bit, and do feel self-concious about these remarks. Best thing is to ignore them, smile, rub the bump and say something about having a nice healthy baby in there. I know I've probably made insensitive comments in the past never meaning to hurt anyone, probably the opposite, I wanted to compliment them on such a lovely big baby bump!
  16. I do remember someone guessing I was pregnant at around week 9.... they said they could tell as I was glowing.... HAHAHAH. At least they were being nice but I think they could tell as I looked green and rough as hell.
    I like the badges- I had many unwelcome birth stories so I really like those badges.
  17. I'm short - short body, short legs! My bump whatever it was - fluid etc started showing from wk 7! I'm just under wk 11 and am quite big already.
    I too do NOT like all the affectionate stuff. I'm really concerned when we tell OH's family as they're sooooooo affectionate, kisses etc! Their hands WILL be all over my bump! I think I may try the moving/walking away slightly strategy for the moment??
  18. I always measured big/ looked bit - but I am tiny and so like someone else said the only way to go was out!
    Don't worry about the looking big bit.

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