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Unicorn Theatre looking for new partner schools

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Unicorntheatre, May 17, 2016.

  1. Unicorntheatre

    Unicorntheatre New commenter

    The Unicorn - the UK's theatre for young audiences - is looking for new partner schools for 2016-17!

    Our partnership projects give schools access to high quality theatre at a very subsidised rate.

    A year-long partnership that gives teachers and pupils unparalleled access to theatre and the opportunity to place a whole school focus on creative learning – includes hundreds of free tickets to shows.
    More information for Primary Schools
    More information for Secondary Schools

    A three-year partnership for schools in the outer boroughs of London that works with the same pupils throughout the project. EXPLORE unlocks the rich potential for learning that is offered through a trip to the theatre and aims to develop confident and interested theatre-goers.
    More information for Primary Schools
    More information for Secondary Schools

    A transition focused project for students in their first term of secondary school based around Baddies: the Musical.
    More information.

    Teacher feedback:
    ‘This has been a completely positive and valuable experience for the entire school.’ Collaborate school teacher, 2015
    ‘The benefit has been huge as our pupils have limited access to the theatre, some visiting for the first time through explore.' Explore Primary teacher, 2015
    ‘It has been a career highlight for me to watch this project in action.’ Explore Secondary teacher, 2016

    Watch video from Explore Secondary teacher
    Watch video from Explore Primary teacher
    Watch video made by Explore Secondary students

    For more information about any aspect of these partnerships, contact Schools Relationship Manager, Ella Macfadyen, on schools@unicorntheatre.com

    Based in London, near London Bridge

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