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Uni Presentation - Teaching as 'Performing Memory' - Ideas Please!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jubilada, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    Sounds interesting - have you seen/heard of the book "Acting lessons for teachers" by Tauber & Mester. I have only heard of it but thought it sounded interesting - don't know if it is relevant to your topic though.
  2. Thanks, that looks perfect! I will try to get hold of it.
    Does anybody else have any ideas, I would really like to be able to refer to real teachers' opinions and strategies!!!

  3. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    Maybe some specific questions or a questionnaire might elicit more responses, I am not sure exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Agreed. The OP makes little sense out of context and the further response makes it even more confusing!
  5. I'm sorry, I haven't fully developed the idea yet so wondered what others made of the concept.
    * Do you feel like you're drawing on memory in different ways during your lessons, such as memory of subject knowledge, what you learnt during training, what you know about your children etc.
    * Do you feel like you're giving a performance / acting whilst delivering your lessons, using performative techniques - do you practice your delivery beforehand?
    Any ideas would be great, whatever anyone thinks!
  6. No. Unless of course I am in character for something in History or Literacy for example. The rest of the time it's just me. I don't practice any delivery. The children just get me as I am.
    I studied acting for years and don't really feel that I use very much of what I know in my teaching! Apart from vocal technique of course which has been a godsend.
  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I agree with PFF

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