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Uni Of Nottingham SCIIT 2011 , Funding for the course?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Conor_daly, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi I hope someone on the course this year reads this.

    Basically ive been accepted by both the University and my school, Then Zareeda has sent out e-mails concerning funding for the course?

    Any of you guys in the same situation? Kind of in limbo but i understand the DSF hasn't yet aid how much money they are given to the University and Philip said this at the Interview.

    Looking forward to basically starting now. Any fellow 2011 SCITT students around?


  2. Hi Conor, I also have a place for 2011 (at Barley Hill school in Thame). If your email from the end of January is the same as mine, it is identical to the original email offering a place (subject to funding) but without the sentence about expecting the allocation in January - presumably to pre-empt us all phoning her up on 1st Feb. I've since had a proper offer via track, but now am confused because it is a conditional offer. At interview I was told the offer would be conditional on funding, so I assume the conditions must be CRB, medical etc. Like you, I just want to get started now, it's been a long time in the planning for me! Where are you going to be based? Mel
  3. Hi there,
    I've got my school interview this Friday up at St Oswalds in Newcastle. Got a quick question for the both of you, did you have to plan and conduct a lesson when you went to your school? The deputy told me that I will taking a year 4 class for a lesson, and that I can plan whatever I like. If either of you had to do something similar, are you able to give me some pointers? I feel a little bit lost at the minute, I wasn't expecting to have to plan a lesson until I actually started the course!
  4. Hi Lottie,
    Ouch! I didn't have anything that daunting - just had to sit in on a lesson and work with a group of six children for a literacy task for about half an hour. Had a tour of the school by a couple of year 6 children, and an "informal" chat with current trainees and teachers in the staff room, then half hour written exercise before the formal interview.
    Good luck for Friday!
  5. Hey Mel,

    Glad you answered me back. Yea i have finally received an offer which is great. Mine to is conditional a little strange as i have got my degree etc, so im guessing its CRB etc related.

    Zareeda said we would receive a conditional offer pack have you got that yet? as i havn't.

    Im in St.Marys Beckenham London seems like a great school!

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