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Uni of hertfordshire?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by amy_rose5, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has applied to do a secondary PGCE at the university of Hertfordshire? I am still waiting to hear if i have an interview or not ( this is my second choice) - and have still heard nothing :(
  2. The whole things such a mess it really is! ... yeah im not sure what to do really - im considering sending an email. As this is my second choice my application would have been received in early jan - so i dont think im included in the feb deadline. The waiting is just killing me - i want to know either way now as i need to start making plans for september!!! :-(

    I havnt seen any other posts regarding Hertfordshire - it was making me think that no one was really applying there lol ;-)
  3. I wondered the same thing! Maybe we are the only applicants thats why we haven't heard about interviews or anything else as we are a definate YES! It's good to dream isn't it! [​IMG]
    I know what you mean about making arrangements - I have 2 children I have to arrange childcare for if I'm lucky enough to get a place and my options are starting to run out..... Oh well, fingers crossed! If I hear anything I'll let you know! If I haven't heard anything by the 14th I'll email then. I'm just hoping they have looked at the applications and aren't keeping me hanging on for no good reason!
  4. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    Hello, I too am waiting for a reply from Hertfordshire Uni. I applied for PGCE MFL and had my interview in January but I'm still waiting for a reply[​IMG]

  5. Okay, in fear of looking a complete idiot - what does MFL stand for?
  6. modern foreign language
  7. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    I got a mail from admissions today telling me that it will probably be another 2 weeks before any offers are made as they are still waiting for final directives from the government
  8. Another 2 weeks!! If you don't mind me asking did the University tell you that or was it through gttr? I just despair. I don't think my degree is strong enough so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get rejected but I'd rather get rejected immediately then be left sitting around for months and losing the opportunity of trying other providers! Especially as I know my second choice has interviewed and offered. I'm starting to think if they are that far behind other providers in processing applications, how far behind are they going to be in the quality and organisation of the course?!?!
    (Sorry, rant over.)
  9. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    It was the university who told me. I think that they are questioning the cuts that they have had in numbers. I dont understand how the MFL has lost 4places (down from 15 to 11) when MFL is a priority subject!!!
  10. Any news? - i have still not heard anything :(
  11. Hi, No news here either, had an interview for Primary flexible course on the 24th January at which point they were questioning whether the course would even run!! looking at their allocation on numbers they have stayed the same but, still no news.
    What course have you applied for?
  12. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    Hello:) No, still no more news. I do not think we'll hear anthing before next week unfortunately.
  13. I've had an email asking for my degree transcript. It's the first correspondence I've had so I'm looking on it as a positive. At least they haven't lost/forgotten about my application! Fingers crossed we'll all hear soon x
  14. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    Hi all

    I finally got an offer today!!! just have to complete a spanish enhancement course now!
  15. bex900

    bex900 New commenter


    How did you hear... was it through GTTR track?
    I'm waiting to hear from a primary interview on 16th Dec. - I'm so desperate to hear, it's driving me mad ... ha ha :)

  16. Congrats :D

    I found out today that i have been invited to interview on the 14th March ( secondary science) - this is my second choice so hopefully it will be second time lucky eh?!..

    Im trying not to think about how few places there are lol!
  17. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    Thankyou and yes, i had an email at 11pm last night telling me that my status had changed!! its strange because at 9pm track still showed "interview"
  18. cazou34

    cazou34 New commenter

    I got another mail last night saying my status had changed again. My conditional has now been changed to an unconditional!! I can now relax and celebrate! Good luck to those still waiting

  19. Congratulations Cazou34.
    Has anyone heard anything about primary courses, can't believe I'm still waiting to hear, maybe they just lost my application!!! Had an interview on the 24th of Jan' and heard nothing since!!
  20. amy_rose5,

    I am currently on the Secondary Science Course at UH. PM me if you have any questions!

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