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Unemployment and Marking Exams

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Miss Pious, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Yes it would mean you would have to sign off and then go back through the system agian afterwards - hence why so many end up stuck on JSA - so you would need to work out whether what you lose in JSA and associated benefits - housing etc - if this is worth the loss of 7 weeks benefits to mark exam papers...
  2. zippy88

    zippy88 New commenter

    Thank you Miss Pious-it is as I suspected. You are right other benefits have to be considered. In the case of mortgage contribution it is then a start again from 13 weeks before i could be entitled to get anything.
    I don't understand what people end up doing when outgoings become more than incomings. Supply is so sparse too.
  3. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    If you are working less than 16 hrs pw then you declare the hours worked but no pay received. On the weeks paid either sign off and make a rapid reclaim, or declare earnings and lose out for the following x number of weeks.
    Personally I would declare hours worked and sign off when paid.
    As an aside, mortage interest lasts for 2 years, then stops. I'm not sure how it works if you sign off and on again, hopefully the two year clock starts ticking again.
  4. zippy88

    zippy88 New commenter

    Thanks-apparently signing off for job such as marking exams would mean the 13 weeks wait to claim mortgage contributions starts from scratch again. This means working for temp postition such as this means you are worse off. I'm not very good with figures etc, but have checked with 3 diff sources incl CAB. Frustrating to try work out what to do for the best. i appreciate the info
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I spoke to someone on the JSA helpline a few weeks ago about what happens to eligibility for mortgage interest help when you sign off and the sign back on.
    If you make a Rapid reclaim (which means a gap of no longer than 12 weeks between finishing one claim and starting up another) you immediately qualify for the mortgage help you were previously getting. You don't have to serve a 13 week waiting period again.
    As to what to do when actually undertaking the marking ... you can keep claiming JSA if you can declare that you are working 15 hrs 59 minutes of under per benefit Week. As the marking is based on the number of papers marked and not on an hourly pay rate, I'd suggest that you calculate how long you spend on the marking in the first Benefit Week thta it occurs. Do not count time spent drinking coffee, answering the phone or putting clothes on the line.
    Time your speed over 5 or 10 papers, then work out how many you could do in 15 hours 59 minutes. Will that be enough to finish all the marking in the 7 weeks? If so, keep signing on and getting JSA AS YOU
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've just lost another post. Sorry for the long gap completing my previous post. It posted spontaneously mid-sentence and I then realised the time nad had to rush to the aiport to pick up my son!
    ...keep signing on and getting JSA for every benefit Week when you declare under 16 hours of working and no earnings received.
    You could also look at all the papers you have to mark and work out how many you need to deal with per week. Consider whether it's feasible to mark a week's worth in 15 hours and 59 minutes or less.
    Remember also that the you are not contracted by the hour so the Jobcentre will only have your declaration of time worked.
    When you know the date that the marking fee will be in your account, it's up to you whether you sign off as unavailable for work in the days leading up to receipt of the money. If you have aholiday out of the UK, you HAVE TO sign off. If you have a break in the UK, claims can be kept open if you agree to continue to be available for work and agree to return fromt he holiday to take up an interview or work. If you holiday in the UK and are not prepared to return, you sign off too.
    You can then reclaim a short time later and they won't be able to use your marking pay in calculating future JSA.

  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    When getting Income BASED JSA, make sure to get any dental work done whilst claiming as it's free, as are prescriptions and Optical (free eye test and a voucher towards glasses). You can also enrol for manyp/t courses for free at local colleges and evening class venues
  8. zippy88

    zippy88 New commenter

    Thank you very much again for the information. I really appreciate learning more about how it 'works' -I am fairly clued up, especially in terms of being pro-active and trying whatever I can. I guess what I am finding very frustrating, is that I have specifically asked questions about say signing off and on within a few weeks- explaining concerns about being worst off, and I seem to get different messages from different people at Job centre-that's including various staff working within the office and CAB -then you end up confused about what to do.

    Thanks-yes form completed-it takes about 2 -3 weeks to get the HC1 form for health costs.
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    When I worked at the Jobcentre I found that a lot of the staff only managed to understand/retain information about standard claims.
    If you are getting JSA Income Based, you won't need an HC1 for free NHS services as you simply tell the dentist/chemist etc that you are getting that Benefit.
    If you are just getting JSA Contributory, you should apply on an HC1 as that entitles people who have a low income.
    Students, for instance, should apply on an HC1 (available from Chemist's and doctors' surgeries) masas having an income of just the student loan entitles them to free prescriptions etc. If parents are also stumping up financial support, it's better if that is given 'irregularly' as birthday/Xmas money etc rather than being declared as weekly/monthly income as the latter might make the student ineligible for free NHS services. Students could also apply on the HC1 in the summer break when parental support might stop and eligibility will be granted for the future period.
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I went on one internal training course a few weeks after starting at the Jobcentre in 1996 and I was soon correcting colleagues who were giving out wrong information or omitting to provide full information.
    When I started teaching I realised that pupils who pay scant attention in school are similarly bored with detail in the workplace!
    I once followed a prospective claimant out onto the street after I heard a colleague telling him (a UK national)that he was not entitled to sign on as he'd been in Germany for years. I gave him a claim pack and told he he must put in a claim. He sought me out a few weeks later and thanked me for saving him from ending up sleeping rough as he'd been back in the UK for months hoping to get work quickly, had used up all his savings and had outstayed his welcome on friends' sofas.

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