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Unemployed/Supply Teachers Plans for Summer?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by f.a.b, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    So those without a permanent teaching role in a school- what are your plans for the summer?

    I've been doing supply this past year and during that time offering private tuition at both primary and secondary level, it was just word of mouth but found myself to become popular amongst the local community so this summer I'm going full board with my private tuition!

    I'm quite excited, working from home and choosing my own hours sounds good. I'm planning on doing summer special tuition and see how parents feel if they want to continue when school starts I may just keep going with it full time.

    I quite enjoy supply so thinking of staying on the agency registers but only for arranged work and not morning calls.

    Would love to hear all your plans for this summer.

  2. Hoping to eat as regularly as I can!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Crying
    Thinking horrible, jealous thoughts about EVERYONE ELSE in my PGCE group who has a job
    Being hopeless
    Being unable to plan anything
    Going to the dole hole to scrounge JSA
    Being skint
    Listening to my friends moan about their jobs
    Listening to my friends talk about their fabulous holidays
    Hanging around
  5. oh gawd hey wake up people!

    This thread was supposed to encourage each other and for everyone to talk about the positive things!

    What I love about teaching is you can always TEACH even if you're not in a school- like going private!

    I think you guys who are down should give it a go, it is so much more satisfying than trying to teach a full class. with tuition you have smaller groups or one to one, you get to play games, make jokes, go outside and have a lesson in the sun etc
  6. I imagine individual circumstances, subjects and location have a strong bearing on whether or not the above is possible.
  7. This will be me.

    Attending graduation on Wednesday and hearing the question 'How is the job hunting going?' a million and one times.
    Wishing I could move out.
    Finding the money to pay for the repairs of my car so I can actually do supply work.
    And an endless depression.

    Sure, teaching is fun and tutoring is a possbility, but the reality is I didn't go into this to start up on my own.

  8. This was me last year (although did eventually get something) and is me again this year (haven't got anything this time) so feeling your pain. I agree this thread was meant to be positive but you do need to get those feelings out.
    When it comes to the gradutation a friend of mine was dreading this but actually everyone was too keen on general catching up and drinking! It probably won't be as bad as you think. Just develop a stock answer 'oh its ok but I don't want to discuss it now, I'm on holiday!' and smile sweetly. If they keep asking then they're nosy *** with no life and you should tell them so!
    At times you can feel the most burning jealousy (like when TWO ex-housemates got made 'every child a writer' teacher in their NQT year and got pay rises!!) but when you actually talk to people they still haev the same behaviour issues, annoying headteachers and actually aren't the super-teacher they appear! I know you'd rather have a teaching job than not but I know for me it sometimes felt like everyone else was blissfully happy and you're a sack of sh*t but this just isn't the case.
    Well anyway, hope this helped.
  9. I wouldnt worry about the graduation, if people ask, say you are 'considering travelling' (whether true or not) and odds are people will give you a 'lucky you' look!
    But I agree that the comment about lying in the sun is location dependent, the way the weather is going I think the UK is in Autumn mode already!
  10. My plans:
    Enjoy having some lie ins - not waking up at 6am despite the likelihood of no work being offered!
    Enjoy my holiday next month visiting my sister abroad (thanks to my parents paying for it!)
    Enjoy my interview tomorrow (not teaching related)

    I am giving up on teaching for the time being - I can't cope financially or mentally anymore. The past year has been absolute hell and I'm looking forward to getting ANY job and getting some sort of stability in my life.
  11. Good for you!! I am as well. I never imagined when I was training that I would end up so depressed with no money a year after I qualified. I just can't cope with unstable supply work and not knowing if I'm working from one day to the next. Onwards and upwards I guess....but where to, I'm not sure... somewhere nice I hope! Have a lovely time visiting your sister!
  12. Reading lots of books!! Even though the staff of my local library are probably sick of seeing me every week as it is, lol. Need to be a slower reader....
    Catching up on all that sleep I lost during PGCE....
    Continuing to do volunteer work..... apply to volunteer for the scouts etc to keep experience of working with children on CV....
    Knocking something non-travel-the-world related off my bucket list....
  13. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Here here.... :( really depressing :( ...
  14. yep, me too! Trouble is I've just been turned down for JSA - so now stuffed.........starting to look for alternative work although not sure what and just hoping to god I get some supply early on in September.
  15. I hope you don't mind me asking, susiec08, but why were you turned down for JSA?

    I was thinking of applying for it over summer if I don't get a 'summer job', but have been supply teaching up until Tuesday this week, and plan to resume with this in September.

    I do agree with everyone that the NQT situation is HORRIBLE, DEPRESSING and UNFAIR! I think, if it gets much worse, we should all club together and arrange a big protest in London : )
  16. when I say the 'NQT situation' I refer to the large number of NQTs looking for work, compared to the small number of positions available. Yet still the government continues to train huge numbers of people as teachers.
  17. daisy24, I was turned down,because I have apparently not paid enough NI contributions in the tax year2009/2010!!!!!!! despite the fact I was working part time as TA and holding down self employed work as well. Plus they take into account that my hubby is working (even though I have always contributed to the household income as his is just not enough). Total farce IMO...... it annoys me that we have both paid into a system over the last 20 years yet are not eligable for ANYTHING! It makes me soooooo cross.
    We have now had to SORN a car as it failed the MOT and we have no money to repair it. It will be sold. Hopefully I can get a older car with MOT for supply in Sept. I am aware many other families are in the same situation but I naively thought I would have a job lined up for Sept.
    Hey, ho....I've learnt very quickly that is not the case.
    Anyway, good luck to all jobless teachers, whatever your situation. I wouldn't wise this on anyone.
  18. Well, if that's the case for you then I don't think I'll be eligible. I wonder why they have to take 09/10 tax year into consideration? For that tax year I didn't pay any NI contributions : ( I did some nannying, but cash in hand. Come October 09 I had to stop working part-time due to PGCE pressures. And my partner too is working (he has worked full-time since 2009 - and I also have to pay towards the household income as he's only on around 10K). But for the tax year 10/11 I have paid some NI via supply teaching. Considering you worked 2 jobs in tax year 09/10 (and worked via supply in 10/11 tax year?) I find it very unfair that you're not entitled to any job-seeker's allowance.

    Starting sentences with connectives - naughty me! : p

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