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Understanding this forum..help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by the saviour, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hi, l am new to all this, could someone please list a meaning of what all the codes mean, l have managed to suss a few out, but am struggling with most to be honest.
    Thanks x
  2. I'll say some I know, but I'm sure there are more:
    AF = Aunt Flo - a horribly twee way of saying period.
    BD = baby dance
    DTD = do the deed
    OH / DH = other half / dear husband
    DPO = days past ovulation
    EWCM = egg white cervical mucus
    POAS = pee on a stick
    If there's more maybe you could post what they are and people can help I'm sure :)p.s. for what it's worth - I'd like to abolish 'Aunt Flo' I figure that by the time we're woman enough to be trying for children / having babies we can say 'period' without swooning.
  3. TTC = Trying to conceive
    BFN = big fat negative
    BFP = big fat positive
    BH = braxton hicks
    SPD = symbis pubis disfunction (sore pelvis in pregnancy)
    PGP = pelvic girdle pain (more recent and generic pelvic pain in pregnancy)
    BF = breast feeding
    EBF = exclusive breastfeeding
    Julieacorn I agree Aunt Flo is a horrible phrase. I think that 'AF' has made it's way into TTC lingo and is just a fast way of writing period - never really seen it written out whole.
    It is a maze of acronyms, a bit like teaching!
  4. I think AF is just a quick way of writing it plus personifying it allows people to be slightly humerous at a stressful time. I agree we are mature enough to say period but it would make the posts quite clinical maybe?

    Anyway, the only other one I could think of was TWW - two week wait
  5. I don't bother with any of the forums on this site but find this abbreviations list useful for quick reference
  6. Thought I would bump this up for all the new TTCers as there seem to be a few joinging the TTC thread at the moment. x

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