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Understanding Further Education

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by kimberlie, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I have a applied for PGCE in ICT giving me QTS, and also PGCE in education (FE), which will give me a QTLS at the end in order to keep my options open.

    Reading some of the topics on here, I am very confused about the differences between QTS and QTLS, and I would just like some opinions on the pros and cons of both?

    Where will these PGCE enable me to teach?
    Are the salaries lower with QTLS than QTS?
    Is QTLS seen as a lower level than QTS?
  2. I suppose it depends where and what age groups you wish to teach. In a school or an FE College?
    The pay for teaching in a school with QTS tends to be better than teaching in FE. Also, if you were to go down the QTS route by doing the PGCE in ICT, you would still be able to teach in an FE College and could eventually apply for QTLS (you would realistically need a year of FE teaching experience behind you before you could apply as you need to evidence your teaching practice). At the FE College I work for, we employ a lot of teaching staff with QTS.
    As I understand it, at the moment if you were to go down the QTLS route by doing the PGCE FE, you wouldn't be qualified to work in most schools. As the regulations on schools loosen a bit under recent and future Government changes, it is quite possible that this may change. Many schools may then have a bit more freedom over whom they employ.
    Personally, I think the QTS route is probably the best for keeping your options open.

  3. Thanks, this was a really helpful answer, I do preferably want to do the PCGE with QTS, so that I am able, like you said to going in FE if I choose to do so. I am doubtful however as to whether I will get a place due to the cuts in funding.
    The PGCE with QTLS will be my second option, as I would rather do something this year and get into teaching, than wait until next year when the fees go up!
    Im going to struggle enough this year without any bursary.
  4. No problem Kimberlie and I wish you the best of luck with getting a place and with the course, whichever route you end up going down.
    I don't think the PGCE FE is a bad option by any means, just that the QTS route gives a bit more flexibility.

    All the best.

  5. I agree with Kyle's advice.
    However I would question;
    There is no such thing as a PGCE with QTLS. It is impossible. QTLS is something that can only be achieved some time after becomming qualified and working as a teacher (in FE) and can only be obtained by application to the IfL.
    QTS is a qualification that must be obtained before working as a teacher (in schools) and is normally given by initial teacher training providers on behalf of the GTCE alongside a PGCE or BEd.
  6. Sorry, my wording was poor.
    What I meant, was what your are saying. The PGCE will give me the opportunity to gain QTLS. Thank you anyway.

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