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Understand your students' results with Enhanced Results Analysis

Discussion in 'English' started by AQAGCSEEnglish, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. We'd like to wish you all good luck with your students' exam results.
    When you start to look to the year ahead, we can help.
    Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA) is a free online tool which will help you to understand your results and plan for the year ahead.
    You can:
    • view your students' results at question and topic level to help pinpoint any areas of weakness
    • compare student performance across classes and national averages
    • understand your school's performance year-on-year and see how you compare to similar schools and colleges.
    Find out more about how Enhanced Results Analysis can help you.

  2. Yes, its a great tool for analysing the incompetence of your markers on the Lit A spec. I can look at all their units and see how my pupils got A grades in all units and then a U in their exam. Or Bs at all units then an E in the exam.
    This is the 2nd time in 3 years we have got utterly bizarre marking at AS and A2 and you really need to sort it out.
  3. We're sorry to hear of your disappointment and frustration. Results day can be a time of great pressure and we do understand how important results are to you and your students, they are the culmination of years of hard work.
    We assure you that making sure that you have accurate results is our utmost priority.
    This is why we offer tools like Enhanced Results Analysis and provide detailed feedback from moderators, as we are confident in our rigorous approach to assessment. As such, we're keen to make the complex process of assessment more transparent for schools and colleges.
    We offer a package of support options to help you understand your results, with clear guidance on how to address any issues you may have.
    If you do have concerns or questions about marks then please visit the results page on our website.
    All of our contact details are included should you prefer to speak to a member of our support team.

  4. manc

    manc New commenter

    Agree with the point about the exam marking. Yet again that difficult Lit. Unit 1 has been marked by Cruella de Ville - only to be re-marked by Dr Pangloss in January. Same story every year.
  5. That's exactly why we moved to Edexcel. We had problems with AQA AS/A2 marking two years in a row and then, when it happened for the third time I phoned them for hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks in an attempt to talk to a real person (rather than 'the results service on our website' - what's the point in that exactly??) at AQA about what had happened and NOBODY had the courtesy to talk to me.
    In the end I wrote a very long and detailed letter outlining all the problems we'd had (and outlining all the heartache and woe it caused my students) and all I got was a one line reply basically saying we've made a note of your comments'.
    Each time it happened the papers were all remarked and the marks all went up, in some cases, by two or three grades. It was a total and utter disgrace and I will never forgive them for what they put myself, my colleagues and my students through. Never.
  6. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    We had a similar problem last year with harshness on English paper 2 section A for GCSE. I spent a great deal of time examining the results of our borderline pupils. Without fail, pupils who had scored 16 out of 27 on paper 1 section B had scored significantly lower on the writing section for paper 2. Pupils achieving 10 and 6 on paper 1 were getting 6 and 3 on paper 2. This is just baffling to me, since they are being asked to demonstrate practically the same skills just two days later than they did on paper 1. For them to get (notionally) a grade C on one paper and drop to an F on the other is ridiculous.
    I admire AQA's attempt at transparency, but one would assume that if you are going to give schools such detailed informaiton about results, you'd go to the trouble of ensuring they were accurate.

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