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Underachieving due to exam nerves

Discussion in 'Science' started by lizz9999, May 6, 2011.

  1. I have a very able A2 Physics student who I would, and indeed did, confidently predicted an A on the January module exam. She regularly achieved this on past papers under exam conditions before the exam.

    She got a U in the module. Just stupid mistakes and complete failure to do things that she could do with ease the week before. Final module coming up in a few weeks. Again, she is well on top of the material and can do all past paper questions. Any top tips to help ensure that she doesn't bomb out again?
  2. We have just had a session from a chap to our yr 10 and 11 about combating exam stress (and in stress in general). It was excellent. I attended as a parent of a yr 11 rather than as a teacher. My son tried the breathing and relaxing exercises before his MFL speaking exam the next day and said it really helped.
    Breathe in slowly for a count of 7 (fairly fast counts), and out for a count of 11. It doesn't matter how much you count to, what matters is that the OUT breath lasts about half as long again as the IN breath. Giving a 2:3 ratio. Each time you breathe out in your head say something that makes you think of relaxing, or picture a relaxing place, as a trigger word/picture. Keep practicing it, several times a day. Eventually just saying the relaxing trigger word or thinking of the trigger place will calm you down.
    If nothing else doing that ratio of IN:OUT breathing will calm her. She can even do it in the exam without anyone noticing.

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