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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by daisydimple, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I'm going to use Commotion in the Ocean as the main text and then work from there but feeling rather lacking in ideas at present. Thankyou.
  2. I'm going to use Commotion in the Ocean as the main text and then work from there but feeling rather lacking in ideas at present. Thankyou.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    ? Read the story of the Rainbow Fish
    ? Talk about sharing
    ? Organise a special ?Sharing Day?
    ? Make badges saying ?I can share?
    ? Discuss why the Rainbow Fish is lonely
    ? What do the children think he should do
    ? Did the Rainbow Fish do what they expected?
    ? Was he still lonely?
    ? Act out the story
    ? Read Rainbow Fish to the rescue
    ? Talk about being friends
    ? Who is your best friend?
    ? Why?
    ? How does it feel to be left out of games?
    ? What can we do?
    ? Read Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale
    ? Why are the fish afraid of the whale?
    ? Discuss being different
    ? Should we judge people by appearances?
    ? Class rules
    ? Discuss caring for other creatures
    ? Keeping safe near the sea

    ? Make a class book about visit to the Aquarium
    ? Create and label posters showing creatures under the sea
    ? Examine a collection of shells together.
    ? How many words can the children think of to describe them?
    ? Discuss ways the shells can be sorted
    ? Ask children to sort shells by colour, then by size, shape and texture.
    ? Arrange shells in order of size smallest to largest
    ? Use vocabulary such as ?smaller? ?larger? ?smallest? ?same?.
    ? Hide shells in sand tray??who can find the most shells in 1 minute?
    ? Estimate how many shells in a jar
    ? Sing ?One, two three, four, five once I caught a fish alive
    ? Make repeating fish patterns
    ? Use fish and shark cards to make a pattern on the washing line
    ? Think of all the creatures that live under the sea??..vote for which you like best make a chart
    ? Which creature was most popular?
    ? Make a number octopus
    ? Look at pictures of under water environments
    ? Talk about the different sea creatures and consider how they live ? food- homes etc
    ? Make an underwater world using the water tray
    ? Use the internet to research sea creatures
    ? Listen to ?yellow submarine? look at pictures of submarines
    ? Make submarine models
    ? Maps
    ? Look at pictures and videos of the sea
    ? Talk about how it looks
    ? Close eyes and listen to sea music
    ? Which music matches the sea on a calm sunny day?
    ? Which music sounds like a stormy sea?
    ? Use large piece of fabric to create waves move it to correspond to the music
    ? Play a selection of musical instruments to represent calm and stormy seas
    ? Think about how creatures might move in the sea
    ? Give children pictures of sea creatures
    ? Children move with the music when their creature is named
    ? Make octopus puppets
    ? Rainbow Fish pictures
    ? Sea creature individual collage pictures
    ? Observational drawings
    ? Fish prints

  4. Thankyou Msz-you are so kind! x
  5. Rendellers

    Rendellers New commenter

    I've called my topic ocean so I can go above the sea as well. We looked at The smallest whale and snail on the whale-rhyme, similarities and differences. Children imagined they were part of the group on the beach and wrote about what happened there. I wrote the statement I liked the S on The W more than The Smallest whale on large bit of paper , divided it with yes and no heading. Chn attached named pegs which side they wanted. Instant graph and lots of maths language from this.

    other books are Eric Carle 10 rubber ducks (ordinal numbers) Mr Seahorse and the Hermit crab.
    We're also going to include the lighthouse Keeper's lunch and some pirate books, explore boats.

    we also discussed fresh and sea water. Put some warm water in a glass, marked level, add egg , see level changes , add teaspoon of salt one by one, until egg starts to float. Chn loved this . Led to finding the Dead Sea on map

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