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Under the sea enhancements

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by alvaughany, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, I am an NQT and am desperate to make a really big splash in my second term. Im doing under the sea as my topic (reception class) and want to really create a full under water environment to immerse the children in the topic. Please could I have some ideas on visuals/enhancements/activities that your children have loved. Thanks in advance x
  2. come on you lot don't let me down. This is my first topic on here you know!!
  3. Hi
    I am in the same 'boat' - NQT in reception doing under the sea too. There is a book called 'A corner to learn' by Neil Griffiths with some fab ideas for role play areas. Other ideas I have got by looking at the photos on sparkle box of displays and role play areas. Would love to hear some of your ideas?
  4. I always theme this sort of topic around the Giles Andreae book 'Commotion in the Ocean'. It has great rhymes and illustrations.

    I've used it as a stimulus for writing and for lots of art activities too.

    It's full of very vivid colours - you could recreate some of the illustrations for your underwater area.

    You could have sand and shells, lots of underwater characters for imaginative play. I've seen fish shaped writing frames on the internet somewhere - you could use these in your writing area. Lots of water activities - put sand in the tray, and seaweed. Ikea has lovely fish rugs and big soft toys, as well as finger puppets and an underwater scene puppet theatre if you were going to buy anything.
  5. Why not ask the children as part of CIL
    If not here are some suggestions.
    Hang a large fishing type net from your ceiling and put in seacreatures.
    ********** has sea theme keywords and display resources, we use them and they are very attractive.
    Make chimes out of seashells also paint tiles and large stones with sea pictures.
    Turn role play into the sea with a boat and lifejackets captain hats etc
    Do fishing maths with numbers on paperclips and magnet fishing rods.
    Using strips of fabric in sea colours of blues and greens do weaving on triangle frames covered in netting, they look very effective hanging and good for finemotor.
    Hope some ideas there, all tried and tested at our school.
  6. ebe

    ebe New commenter

    For ICT use http://www.poissonrouge.com/ - click on the red and yellow submarine on the shelf and it takes you into a HUGE (and fairly anatomically correct) underwater world. Clicking on all the different creatures makes loads of different stuff happen. Great for mouse skills and self-exploratory stuff.
  7. We put "sea " on sides of role play (blue material) sand on the bottom, hung down seaweeed (strips of green material from top of role play and sides, Had lots of stuffed and plastic fish, crabs, etc. Mask and flippers, etc. One corner was the submarine - cardboard with portholes cut out and a periscope to see !
  8. Hi ,
    I am in reception for the first year and want to do under the sea in the summer term for our topic. I was wondering if you had any good planning for this age group for this topic. Struggling to get going on this one. Please Help!
  9. Hi
    May sound a bit yucky- but buy some whole fish from the supermarket and let the children explore wearing gloves, and magnifiers and then make your own rainbow fish prints when they have finished exploring the fish. Add glitter to the paint, use a paint roller over the fish and then print. When dry cut out fish shapes and laminate.Children loved it!

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