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Under minded by collegue

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yorkresourcehunter, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">am an NQT working in a year 3/4 class. I have had problems recently with two boys one in my class and one in another. The problem finally accelerated this week so I dealt with my pupil and my fellow teacher dealt with the other. My colleague is a supply teacher who takes the class every Friday and so did not really know what had been occurring between the two boys. </font><font size="2"> I disciplined and punished my pupil taking away some of his privileges. We then came up with an action plan the pupil telling me he needed to apologise and then stay away from the other boy so they would stop getting into trouble. My pupil went up to apologise and as soon as he said this and before he could continue my fellow colleague started shouting at him, called him a bully and questioned the sanctions I had put in place. I drew attention to the fact that it was both children and that maybe none of us knew all the facts.</font><font size="2">It has been on my mind ever since as my behaviour strategy includes using positive reinforcement, drawing attention to the correct behaviour and getting a child to choose this an also not labelling the child. </font><font size="2">I felt totally under minded by my colleague in front of the children and also that the progress and emphasis I made of choosing the right behaviour erased. Other children are now calling him a bully too.</font> Do I go and tell someone? It is obvious our behaviour management strategies clash but is that all and I just need to ignore it? I don't want to appear like a grass.

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