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Under age DVD's

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by segbog, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Took a cover class and had to play a dvd to kids who were not old enough to legally watch the DVD...thoughts?
  2. davieee

    davieee Occasional commenter

    While i realise that many S1s / S2s are worldly wise, I think your leaving yourself open to complaints.

    If you take it a step further, would you let a 16 year old drink alcohol if someone else bought it?
  3. Yeah...just feel this is wrong. I do realise kids are wordly wise, but tbh the law is the law, and if I get reported by a parent, up before the beek and my licence is done.
    There was also a mildish sex scene in it...and a couple of the older girls up the back reacted badly...I should not have to put up with this.
  4. I wouldn't have shown it and would have sent a pupil to ask the PT what we should do instead, I think. Although it's easy to say when sitting on my sofa rather than in front of a class of 30 kids!
  5. Oh to work in a school where that was possible. :(
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Good grief, what was the film? U usually applies to films such as cartoons and animations aimed at young children that the whole family can watch.
  7. When I did supply (and now when I get cover for certain colleagues lessons) I would always carry a "spare" DVD for situations like that. Even 20 minutes of The Simpsons can give you time to hunt don and check if the one set is actually appropriate!
  8. Some of them do find it distressing or disturbing, but not for the reasons you imply. They all watch films with graphic sex and explicit violence. What they find hard about DLN is how subtle and hard to analyse it is. Once they get it, they love it. With CfE, of course, the S6 film will be Shrek.
  9. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    pmsl [​IMG]
  10. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    There is a helpful (worrying?) download available from the above organisation giving examples of activities requiring a licence in schools.
    For example:
    Showing a film or DVD in school, not in the course of instruction, eg. wet lunchtimes, after school film clubs etc.
  11. xmal

    xmal Established commenter

    How come I spent my entire school years without seeing a single feature film? Isn;t showing DVDs, even for a cover, a cop out?
  12. seren_dipity

    seren_dipity New commenter

    Back in the early 70s when I was at school we had a film on the last day of term - we all gathered in the assembly hall for it. We were shown Romeo and Juliet one year (the 1968, Olivia Hussey version) and one of my all time favourite films, Shenandoah, another year. Both were excellent films and seeing them, for the first time, in the school hall remains one of my fondest memories of school.
  13. It can be very useful in the English department. I've just shown the Charlton Heston version of Julius Caesar to my S4, and by accounts it helped them to understand what was happening in the play.
    Also, when a class has just finished reading an arduous text, or when they've come to the end of a long unit of work, you can get some marking done whilst they watch the film for two periods. [​IMG] Result!
  14. Given that there is the facility to write about film in S-Grade English, Higher and Intermediate English, and Advanced Higher English...no!
  15. I use them to generate ideas for creative writing or help understanding of a particular theme too. I use documentaries too - CfE encourages the use of moving image for research.
  16. I use them to stop them fighting each other...
  17. I remember our history teacher in Y9 (England) getting special permission to let us watch something WW2 related -can't remember exactly what it was though. We (in primary) have asked permission to watch relevant PG films.
  18. sbf

    sbf New commenter

    Maybe the parents will find out and you will get the bullet and give us all peace.

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