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Unbelievable Supply rate cut from £110 to £90 per day without notice

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by richfruitcake, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. richfruitcake

    richfruitcake New commenter

    When checking my payslips last week I realised my daily rate had been cut from £110 per day to £90 per day for 3 out of 4 schools I visited. When I contacted the agency they said they had discussed this with me in a phone call a few months ago and that they were having to offer supply teachers at a lower rate in order to secure bookings. I really think I would have remembered such a conversation had it occurred. Will now seek union advice. However, I supect this will be another case of lump it or lose work,
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Do those three schools have Academy status perchance? I've heard of a local Academy that's decided it's going to pay £10 a day below agency flat rate, and another school that's cut its daily CS rate by around 10%. I suspect schools are beginning to dictate prices to Agencies.

    What worries me more is the prospect of an increasing number of schools opting into Academy clusters and negotiating supply rates independently of LEAs. That is still to come.

    Your only realistic option is to switch to another Agency, or to offer yourself direct to the schools and cut out the middle man.
  3. Unfortunately it is supply and demand, if no supply would accept the lower rate, (or working as cs), they wouldn't get away with it and would have to budget accordingly. But with no unions fighting the corner, no collective stance, they can whittle away because individuals are dependent on some work, to pay the morgtage and bills..
  4. £90 is better than *&^% all !!!! Be glad you have work. Sadly, the host is looking a bit ethiopian like, so the old tapeworm has to accept less.
  5. richfruitcake

    richfruitcake New commenter

    Was e-mailed payslps today giving me the disputed amount so the agency have obviously reconsidered. From now on I will ask the rate before I accept a booking. I am guessing that schools will pay if they are desperate but sadly as I have bills to pay I may have to accept the lower rate in future.
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Likely they are lying. A school will tell you they often still pay the same to the agency, but the agency creams off more from the top. The rates here dropped to Minimum wage.
  7. It may be the case that your agency didn't tell you that they were paying less for that booking, but I doubt very much if the school made the decision to pay a higher rate. The agency will have paid the difference out of the profit for the day because they were wrong to reduce it without confirmation.
    I hate to say this, but the schools are firmly in control here. Not agencies. I quote a secondary school saying before half term "I will only pay the agency £135 per day for QTS" out of that £135 has to come the teachers pay, employers national insurance (13.8% from April) and profit. Not a lot of room for movement, A school will give the booking to the agency who has the cheapest teacher, if you 're not going to accept it, someone else will.
    When challenged about "how much do you think we can pay the teacher" the bursar in this case said "I don't care what they get paid, I care how much it costs the school"
    I'm very sorry guys but school business managers (salary c.£40K+) are the ones driving the costs down and using CS instead. It makes everyone angry, agencies, teachers included. I wouldn't argue with your perception of consultants attitudes, but a number of teachers are like that too, but you can't tar all with the same brush, surely?
    I've been a teacher and now work at the agency, and I face this issue with schools every day. It's horrible and very hard to try and negotiate on both sides... If there were more work in supply I would be back in a flash.
  8. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Reduced to £90 .... with a proportion attributed to holiday pay as well you will only be getting about 80 - 82 for a daily rate. Are they cropping cover supervisors pay through agencies as well then?
  9. The lying bullying Ba****************! It makes one want to go in with a submachine gun and completely destroy the entire, malign setup??????????[​IMG] And as one fires away...one shouts, "Like it or lump it?" No way, just eat some bullets real quickly!


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