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UMS calculator for Edexcel

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Lorelei131, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    edexcel would be the same wouldnt it - 3 modules (fairly sure weightings are the same but cant be bothered to check)

    These UMS figues are confusing to the kids and hardly worth quoting. They may need 77% of the available UMS to achieve their target grade but what percenatge raw mark required is anybodys guess.

    Almost always the UMS would be higher i.e 50% of the raw marks could easily be 70% of the UMS giving kids a false impressions and often thinking it is impossible when actually it is not

    And in any case just do the exam to the best of your ability. Is it really useful to aim for a certain mark?
  2. Thanks for the mathsduck link!
  3. The mathduck one doesn't work for Edexcel unit2 1 and 2.
    I can remember there is one out there somewhere, but I can't find it!
    Anyone know where it is?
  4. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    could someone please enlighten me as to the point of knowing how many UMS marks are needed?
  5. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    <h3>Module 1 (Higher)</h3>
    <table bgcolor="white"><tr><td>Your Module 1 score:</td><td>65 </td></tr><tr><td>Your Module 1 percentage:</td><td>60%</td></tr><tr><td>Your Module 1 grade:</td><td>C</td></tr></table>

    <h3>Module 3 (Higher)</h3>
    <table bgcolor="white"><tr><td>Your Module 3 score:</td><td>162 </td></tr><tr><td>Your Module 3 percentage:</td><td>100%</td></tr><tr><td>Your Module 3 grade:</td><td>A*</td></tr></table>

    Your combined score after Module 1 and Module 3 is 227, which is a grade A.
    You need at least 193 points (58%) in Module 5 (Higher) to achieve your target grade B.

    Not true to get UMS 193 on the higher paper you need about 25 to 30% of the raw marks.

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