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Umbrella organisation payment

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon1127, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Don't do it.

    If the agency is demanding you are signing up with the umbrella then they are shirking out of paying your NI employer contributions, which will be taken out of your pay.

    Yes you can sign up to the umbrella and be paid paye through your other agency but come end of the financial year, and the tax people come to assess earnings you may find that because of the umbrella system that you have underpaid tax and they come after you for it

    For this reason, I got out of umbrella and insisted that I was paid PAYE. If the agency is worth anything, they will pay you through PAYE. I signed up to a new agency, they said that everyone is paid through the umbrella. I refused to be, and they eventually said that I would be able to be paid through their in house standard system.
  2. Umbrella agencies only work in your favour if you are doing a considerable amount of miles from home to school each day. If you only do a few miles each week, then the amount the umbrella agency charges negates any financial gain.

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