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Umbrella Co. What for??

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by zebraboy, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Having signed up with a new agency that uses OrangeGenie. I've just had an e-mail advising that I am now an Orange Genie employee and to expect a call from my 'account manager'.
    I believe that I can select various options that will increase my payments. I wonder what is the best thing to do? I'm not interested in claiming expenses I would rather just earn my salary and get paid in the normal way without having to deal with 3rd party payroll advisors that charge for the privilege.
    Has anyone any thoughts on Orange Genie and can I easily ditch them and recieve my wages with the standard wage slip and deductions?

  2. I am registered with one of the large agencies and previously used an umbrella company. I phoned the agency's accounts department directly and asked if could go on PAYE through their payroll, and they arranged it.
  3. Thanks Parmesan. I will probably try that.

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