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UK teachers in the US...help please

Discussion in 'US – Education news' started by yeomissyeo, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. yeomissyeo

    yeomissyeo New commenter

    My husband (a U.K. citizen) has his PGCE with a specialism in modern foreign languages. Back in 2015 (when we were in the USA) we did his qualifications translation and it came back that he only had 12 credits towards teaching French in primary school. We were devastated and had no one helping us and had no clue where to turn for help. He had been a music and French teacher for almost 8 years in London before he moved to the States with me. So not knowing that to do next and assuming that he couldn’t get a teaching license converted for a Nevada Teaching endorsement, we decided to move to London.

    We’re now going back and have taken much more time to get everything sorted out. This time, he sent in his transcripts with a letter from his college explaining that his PGCE meant that he was fully qualified to teach the entire elementary curriculum in this country...not just French. Along with his QTS and other certificates he’s gained throughout his career.

    This time his qualification translation came back better than before....but I’m still a bit worried. This time they recognized that he has licensure as a qualified teacher (from his QTS), that he showed completion of a period of probation and non credit, in-service teacher training. His 12 credits towards a graduate program are from 2 six credit courses he took in his PGCE; Enabling teaching and Learning and Curriculum Planning and Resources for Learning & Teaching.

    I’m just trying to figure out if he’ll receive the endorsement through the NV depth of Education with this translation. Having just looked at the NV requirements.....does anyone have experience with their PGCE, and translation who could help me out? Did you have to take additional courses or praxis tests in order to qualify in your state?? I just want to make sure we’re set up for success this time when we go over.

    Below are the NV requirements that I’ve copied and pasted as I know every state is different.

    Qualifications for elementary license. (NRS 385.080, 391.019)To receive an elementary license, a person must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and must have completed a program of preparation for teaching in the elementary grades which is approved by the Board. The program must include, without limitation:

    1.  Thirty-two semester hours of credit in courses in elementary professional education consisting of:

    (a) Eight semester hours of credit in supervised student teaching in kindergarten through eighth grade;

    (b) Nine semester hours of credit in methods of teaching elementary subjects, including, but not limited to, mathematics, science and social studies;

    (c) Nine semester hours of credit in the teaching of literacy or language arts; and

    (d) Six semester hours of credit in professional education course work which must include course work in at least two of the following subjects:

    (1) Classroom management;

    (2) English as a second language;

    (3) Technology;

    (4) Evaluation of pupils;

    (5) Child development;

    (6) Special education; or

    (7) Social and cultural issues; and

    2.  Eighteen semester hours of credit which must include at least 6 semester hours of credit in each of the following subject areas:

    (a) Mathematics;

    (b) Science; and

    (c) Social studies.

    And to apply for the endorsement when we get to the States we have to give.....

    Application for license or endorsement: Required documentation; fee; applicability of academic credits. (NRS 385.080, 391.019, 391.040)

    1.  An applicant for the initial issuance of a license as a teacher or other educational employee must submit with his or her application:

    (a) His or her official transcripts;

    (b) Evidence that the applicant has successfully completed:

    (1) At least 3 semester hours of credit in a course of study regarding education or curricular adaptation for pupils with disabilities; or

    (2) An in-service or continuing education course regarding education or curricular adaptation for pupils with disabilities that is approved by the Department; and
  2. Alekz

    Alekz New commenter

    I'm curious about the outcome to your described situation.

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