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uk teacher wanting to teach in NYC.

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by Jenna16, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Jenna16

    Jenna16 New commenter

    Hey everyone,

    Just look for some advise, as I recently had a casual interview for a teaching post in NYC and after more research on there part they have asked me to pursue a NYC teaching certificate. Can anyone advise as to how I can obtain one of these from the UK or otherwise. Thank you.

  2. Hi. I'm a certified teacher in NYC. There are several pathways you can take for teaching in general, and for certification. Please be aware that in order to teach in a traditional New York State public school, you must be certified or on your way to becoming certified. You can view the requirements here: https://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/certification/new-york/

    Please be aware that there are several different types of school systems. Private schools don't have to adhere to certification requirements. They can basically hire anyone. The same goes for Charter Schools (although they like to think of themselves as public schools - they are not.) If you plan to go this route, keep in mind the pay is much less in private schools and you will not be protected by a union. What this means is you will work long hours for little pay and no appreciation.

    Good luck.

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