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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by fairy_88, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Hey, just wondering if anyone had heard back from strathclyde about the post grad in partnership with the UHI? It was this time last year that i found out i had an interview but heard nothing so far. Any one heard anything?
  2. Hi fairy, I haven't heard anything yet was wondering if anyone else had heard! The year before last the interivew letters were sent out 2 weeks before the interviews, around the middle of May so am trying not to think about it too much. Easier said than done though!!
  3. I know, im constantly thinking about it, this time last year i heard i had an interview which was at the beginning of June. Have sent them an email so see what happens!
  4. Let us know what they say please! They're probably still dealing with applications for on campus students. I imagine the interviews will be in June again, the interviews last year were around the same time as the year before.
  5. Hey,
    Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm starting to get a bit impatient/worried...
    Any response from them when you emailed?
    Hope we all hear something soon!
  6. I emailed someone who sent me out an application form last year who said that she no longer worked in this department and gave me another email address, however every time i tried emailing it it kep coming back saying that it would not deliver to the email, so i emailed back the orginal person who gave me another email address but nothing, that was a few weeks ago. So busy with essays i thankfully have not been worrying about it as much. Time will tell!
  7. I just phoned Strathclyde and was informed that they are not sure whether or not they are even running the course this year... think it's a government decision and there are still talks going on between them. The girl I spoke to said that they were hoping to have a decision made by Christmas... oh dear! Fingers crossed they will decide to run it.

  8. Hey guys, just received an email from Strathclyde to confirm whether i wanted to go down the English or Gaelic pathway. Also like Karen said they are still discussing if the course should go ahead. Oh gosh I really hope it does.
  9. i got the same email aswell. Hope they decide soon!!
  10. I phoned the university today because I hadn't received an email & was getting worried they hadn't received my application form. The lady I spoke to was really nice & said that they were expecting a decision imminentely, they expect the course to go ahead but the hold up was more deciding which centre to run the course at so it may not run at both Inverness & Elgin.

    Thankfully they do have my application form but I didn't put my email address in, doh! She also said that because of the uncertainty they haven't closed the applications so are still accepting applications.
  11. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  12. Nope :(
    Do you think they'll conduct interviews during summer holidays?
  13. Hey there,
    I got an email today inviting me for interview on 1st July in Stornoway. They're running the course in Stornoway and Inverness so have obviously just sent out Stornoway interviews just now. Assuming you will all hear soon. She did say that they have had a very large number of applicants for Inverness so it might just be taking them a while to get through them.
    Hope you all hear soon,
  14. I heard today that I didnt get an interview, total gutted as I had an interview last year and have since gone on to gain more classroom experience and complete my honours year of my degree, never mind, theres always next time! Good luck to all who got the interview x
  15. Hey Fairy i also got a letter saying i didn't get an interview, was very upset as i applied way back in November and to wait so long for a no :( Think i'm going to go on and do my honours, gain lots more experience and, apply next year and pray i get in.

    Good luck to the rest x
  16. I didn't get an interview either, totally gutted :-( I've had an interivew the last 2 years, the first year I thought the interview went really well, last year it was really bad & I knew I hadn't got a place. I was really ready to improve as I have more classroom experience & now work in a nursery 1-2-1 with a deaf girl. At least I'll get to work with the lttle girl for at least another year, maybe take a BSL course!
  17. Aww eeyore that's not good.
    It really is a kick in the teeth.
    I got an email on Friday inviting me for interview on the 1st July- not much notice but so happy. Only thing is I'm away on my hen doo from the 29th-3rd. I'm getting a phone interview so hope i do ok. Can't concentrate though, packing seems much more exciting.
    No doubt we shall meet again,
    Good luck in all you do xx

  18. Hey,
    Just wondering if anyone has heard whether or not they have been successful yet? I know our interviews were only on Friday but the wait is almost killing me.

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