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UHI Pathway through Strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by brunette85, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure! Are all the colleges that usually run the course, planning to run it this year? Because of numbers etc
  2. As far as I know, the UHI option will be open next year. I don't think many course will disappear completely: occasionally, particular subject areas have a "rest" year.
  3. I had planned on doing primary through lews castle college (stornoway)as a last resort but as far as i know they are not running the course this year again
  4. I have applied to this course in Inverness again this year, they did send out a list of numbers for each campus, even less than last year unfortuately!!!

  5. did it by any chance say on the letter if lews castle college plan on running the ourse or numbers etc???
  6. it dosent say anything about not running the courses but says numbers are determined each year by the need for teachers in local area and scottish executive. just read it back over again and confused at whether they mean the current session that will be running at the mo, or the course starting 2011 as it says that there is 6 places in inverness, when i was at the interview last year there was 10 places. It says 3 places in stornoway.
  7. Where did you get the letter from? I think last year they had 10 spaces between Inverness & Elgin but not sure how it was split. I don't expect any more than 10 spaces for the next intake. I'm wanting to study at Moray College. I have filled in my application form just need to get my references back then I can get it off.

    I had send Strathclyde an email before christmas requesting an application form, hadn't heard any thing to sent off an email in the new year, still hadn't heard anything 2 weeks later so sent another email. This week I got 3 application forms through the post! Bit of a waste!
  8. Hi eeyore!! We meet again! Third time lucky for us hopefully :eek:) xx
  9. Hi Shelly <waves> It better be 3rd time lucky! [​IMG] So you applying anywhere else this year? I was going to apply to Aberdeen, filled out GTTR but decided against it, if Strathclyde really don't want me I'll wait until LO is at school.

    I've been in a school since August so here's hoping!

  10. Hi shelly,
    they emailed me a copy when i requested an application form.
  11. I didn't get one of these letters either, I've had nothing but was told wouldn't hear until later in year so not too wo'rried!
    Eeyore- Yeah I've applied for Strathclyde, got an interview next week, haven't done much prep, I don't know what more I can do other than read over stuff, my notes haven't changed much from last year!
    Good luck, keep me posted on how you get on.xx
  12. hopefully we will hear something soon! Think it was around March/ april last year that i heard i had an interview for them.
    Good luck with the interview.

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