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UEA Primary PGCE Inteview KS2

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by dbagley86, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Is anyone else going to the interview on the 27th January? I'm really nervous and it would be good to hear from people that are going, or have already been. I hear that the book presentation is quite relaxed and you're in really small groups. I am still really dreading it though. What sort of books have other people chosen? I'm quite worried that i'm not up to date enough on important current issues, and the curriculum to be able to give good enough answers and opinions. Has anyone got any tips, or can give me an idea of what to expect? I think it's just the fear of the unknown!
  2. hi
    i was rejected from uea last year for primary (i've got in this year though for secondary!)
    I slipped up because the book I choose wasn't aimed at the age group that I was applying for, this was probably because where I was getting the experience I spent most of my time with KS1 pupils (not out of choice). So if you are going for KS2 I would avoid picture books. However the book presentation is very relaxed and informal.
    Also like the other person on this thread has said they don't really ask any questions about current issues, in fact from memory every question was about "what would you do..."in certain situations in a classroom. They wern't even remotely interested in my current job or my life experiences, which to be honest I was quite dissappointed with as I have alot for my age.
    They were also very interested in what books you are reading at the moment. I made a mistake there to, I read ALOT and at the time I was honest and said I was reading a book on the conditions of the orphanages in New Jersey and the child abuse which went on! You should have seen their faces drop! so if you are reading a random book like I was, LIE! It's much more comfortable.
    The written test is fine and no maths.
    I hope it goes well and good luck
  3. Hi tazsailing,
    Sorry, I know this post wasnt aimed for me but you bring up some points that you might be able to help me with!
    I'm the other person who commented on this post, and got rejected this year. Did you request feedback the first time? Coz when I asked for it they wouldnt give it to me, and instead just gave me a piece of paper with all the 'application' criteria on it, not 'interview' criteria! They just told me they aren't allowed to give it to me for confidentiality or something! It's really annoying and I'm not impressed with UEA because their feedback could help me with my next interview.
    Also, I am glad to hear of your story. I have an interview next week for my second choice and am so worried I'm not going to get on this year :( You failing last year and trying again this year has made me realise if I dont get into my second choice its not the end of the world!
    Hope everything goes well at UEA!
  4. Hi djaye14
    I did get a little but of feedback after I requested it, it was a standard letter with a section in the middle in bold saying "the course tutor has advised that you reapply next year after gaining more classroom experience"or something like that.
    Not sure why they wouldnt give you feedback, sounds like an excuse to me.
    at least you have an interview at your second choice, by the time uea interviewed me my second choice was full up!
    I know its hard but try and look at the interview critically, I did and spent the year sorting out my failings and re applied for secondary and got in this time. (i have to go to uea really as i have a mortgage and hubby works there!and there is no where else local to train to be an RS teacher)i appreciate your next interview won't give you a year to look at this but there will be a few things.
    i would try and do classroom experience right up until the day of your interview. i stopped a month before mine last year and nothing was fresh in my mind. i was back into my "current job mode"
    this time i was giving examples from only the day before!
    i hope this helps and good luck with the interview, but dont worry if you dont you can try again next year with the experience and do some other life things in the mean time!
  5. Tazsailing,
    I know, it was SO annoying! I was sent a document so I will just check over it again just incase I missed something! The funny thing is that the course I applied for, the day after I interviewed it came up with 'No Vacancies' so I found that a bit odd! So I started to think maybe I didn't cut the mustard or something!
    Yeah I'm glad for my second choice, it's at the uni I'm doing my undergrad at, so I feel much more comfortable! Also liked the uni much better than UEA, too!
    Part of me wishes I had taken a year out tbh, and maybe did a TA job, coz I'm torn between early years and primary, but I might aswell just go for it for now and see how I do!
    I def know what you mean about the critical thinking of the interview. Even though it hasnt been a year like yourself I have seen things I could improve on at UEA, like given more experience details in my answers and finding out more things about teaching in general, so even after 2 weeks I've managed to improve!
    I dont know why, but for some reason I feel like I just have to get in now! I'm in my final year of my degree, so fitting experience in is extremely hard with all the work!
    I will see if I can get a day or two at the school this week ( I stopped due to xmas/assignments!) coz my interview is Thursday!
    Thanks for the support! x
  6. camis

    camis New commenter

    I had my interview an 12th December as well, and although I was dreading it, actually it wasn't too bad. As others have said, the interview asked a lot about 'what would you do' in certain situations ( diversity / EAL children seems a big favourite) and I *did* get the opportunity to talk about previous life experiences a lot - as a mature student I made sure I did! I don't think I was asked anything about current issues or the curriculum.

    There was a group of 4 of us for the book presentation - I think I may have been in the same group as the other poster as there was a cuddly toy present in our group! The tutor and headteacher from your interview are the same people who observe the book presentation. Think about how your book fits in across the whole curriculum and if it works across key stages.

    I found the written task the worst bit. You fit that in around your interview and the book presentation, and I think it was the stop/start nature of doing it that made it worse.

    Good luck!!

    (maybe see you in September - yes, I got an offer!!)
  7. Hey everyone does anyone got any advice for the book presentation Ive got my interview this friday scary stuff and not sure whether Im saying the right stuff. Great posts about the interview I think its really going to help.
    Fingers crossed for everyone
    Flick =]
  8. Hi Felicitypt,
    What I would suggest:
    * Be yourself and don't panic, you are allowed to sit down and don't even have to stand up! And mine was done in very small groups!
    *Even though your presentation has to explain why it is useful for children and how you would use it, incorporate teaching methods/techniques into your presentation... e.g questions, visual aids, little activities.
    * Make sure you choose a book relevant to the age range you want to teach. (Dont choose a picture book for KS2!).

    If you have any more questions just ask! Like I said previously, I was unsuccessful with UEA but I will put aside my insults to help!

  9. Thanks everyone for all your advice! I think i've chosen a book which is good for the age group I want to teach (ie. not a picture book), so hopefully i'm on the right track! Really not sure how I could incorporate activities/handouts into the presentation though... the book brings up important issues such as bullying, racism, and conservation of endangered species, so I think I'll have lots to talk about in terms of good messages and inspirational characters. Also there is a lot of new terminology introduced relating to different cultures and ways of life. I guess now I need to think about how this fits into the curriculum and lesson/activity ideas.

    I was expecting lots of questions in the interview about current issues, and about my experience in the classroom, but I have very limited experience... i've literally just done a week with year 1 and a week with year 6. What kinds of scenarios were you given when asked the 'what would you do...' questions? Did they also ask you the really obvious question of why you want to be a teacher? For some reason this is the question I am finding most difficult when it should be the simplest. I guess I just want to avoid giving a really typical answer like 'i really love working with children', or 'i want to do a job that is meaningful and satisfying'. I feel like i'm really over thinking this though, and maybe should just be honest instead of feeling like I need to come up with something original.

    Eeeek, sorry for rambling, i'm just really nervous and feel like i'm running out of time and don't know the best way to prepare.

    Thanks again for all your advice!

  10. Hey Debbie
    I have applied for the KS1 and lower KS2 and Im just worried that Ive chosen a really bad book,Ive read it to a year 1 class which I volunteer in and they loved it but I dont see how it would fit into the cirriculum and now Im thinking of changing my book.
    Did you find that you had to have a huge knowledge of teaching strategies for some of the interview questions?
    Sorry for the questions
    Flick =]
  11. Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for your response, it's really helpful and I will definitely use the spider diagram idea! You've also made me realise that I really need to research teaching strategies as I don't have a clue how I would've answered that question! I don't really have much knowledge on specific strategies/techniques :/ just searched on-line but haven't found anything useful yet. Do you know of a site that might help me? Out of interest, how did you answer that? I'm presuming you got offered a place? I hope to see you in September. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again,

  12. Hi Flick,

    What book have you chosen? I'm sure it will be fine, especially if it is tried and tested, which is something you could say in your presentation.

    I personally have hardly any knowledge on teaching strategies, so i'm pretty worried about that too! Just going to try and learn as much as I can from searching on-line. Maybe you could ask some teachers at the school you volunteer at?

    By the way, is your interview this Friday or next! Mine is next (27th), so you'll have to let me know how it goes!

  13. Hey Debbie,

    I have an interview tomorrow but for a different uni, but the strategies I'm looking at are Every Child Matters and safeguarding children. You could also talk about OFSTED, as it's just been in the news recently. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Debbie,
    Yeah I was offered a place.
    I answered that question by saying I'd maybe provide the new child with a buddy within the class who could kinda look after them when they start. I also suggested getting the new child to visit the school before starting and maybe having the class create a welcome booklet which the child could have before they started. With all the childrens photos in and maybe a message from them so the new child was familiar with some faces.
    http://www.education.gov.uk This is quite a good website for news and recent topics within education.
    Hope it all goes well.[​IMG]


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