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UEA PGCE Secondary English 2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jflower88, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thought I'd start a thread! I've just received my offer letter, and was wondering who else has had an offer? I'm so excited!!!!! [​IMG] xxx
  2. Hi everyone,
    Thought I'd start a thread! I've just received my offer letter, and was wondering who else has had an offer? I'm so excited!!!!! [​IMG] xxx
  3. Hi,
    I'm not going for this course but my friend is and she's having difficulty with the forums and I thought I'd ask for her!
    She's got an interview soon at UEA for secondary english and it says nothing about an interview, just a group discussion and a written task. Is she right in thinking theres no individual interview?
    Any advice about the day would be appreciated! x
  4. There is an individual interview that lasts for about half an hour, but it's one to one with the course tutor, who's really friendly and not at all scary. Make sure she knows her personal statement inside out and can draw on any experience she may have with young people. The group discussion was quite relaxed - I also hasten to add that the group was quite small and so I didn't feel intimidated. The written task is really important but you get unlimited time to do that and they let you go off and do it anywhere you like, so you can grab a coffee! I admit I did spend some time on this, and was probably the last person to hand it in! Also with the interview you may get asked to talk about how you would teach a poem (you get given an extract in the group discussion) to a class - how would you explain to a child what is happening in that poem.... Just practice the general questions like why you want to be a teacher, what qualities do you have, etc. Sending luck to your friend but I'm sure she'll be fine! Oh and dress smartly! I bought a new dress from next the day before and a pair of heels that made me feel confident and professional - sounds silly but it helped me mentally I think! :)
  5. I've got an offer too; just accepted it! [​IMG] Really looking forward to starting the course! Need to have a look through that book list they gave at interview (the one organised by type, where you ranked your subject knowledge)

    See you in September!

  6. Well done, when was your interview!!
  7. Helloo! I've got an offer too :) Very excited! xxxx
  8. I've just been working for two years in an office - I felt I needed some time in the "real world", so to speak, and have a bit of a breather from education. I've been learning to drive, and hopefully I'll pass my test first time this April! I figured having a licence will help when it comes to job hunting after getting my PGCE. Have you recently graduated? I can't wait to move back to Norwich but trying to sort out where I'm going to live is a hit of a daunting task! Have you started looking for places? Xx
  9. I'm starting to look at places very soon! I think it would be good to live with other PGCE students. Do you have msn chat or something? Might be a nice idea to try and get to know each other better before we start in September xx
  10. I've now added you on msn :) I've previously been paying £380 per month, so I can afford that, but anything less would be even better really! I'm not sure where I would want to live as I am not familiar with Norwich yet. The city centre sounds appealing though xx
  11. Hi was your offer for the Secondary English course? If so could i ask you to do me a massive favour and tell me the books we were supposed to read for September!? I have misplaced mine and still waiting for UEA to get back to me regarding it! Thanks
  12. Yes it was! I don't have the list to hand but if you private message me your email address I could send it to you?

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