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UEA interview/presentation

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by livvie89, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have an interivew at UEA next month for the primary pgce course. part of the interview process is a presentation about a childrens book (published in the last ten years). i was wondering whether anyone has to do this topic as presentation and what kind of things to talk about or what kind of book to choose. also has anyone already had an interview at UEA and have any tips?
  2. Hi,
    I had my pgce primary interview this week. There is quite a lot of waiting around, but they do put you at ease, it's no where near as scary as I thought it would be. You get split up into small groups of about 4 with two tutors to do your book presentation and you can either stand up or sit down. You just have to speak for about 5 mins on a children's book of your choice. It doesn't matter what book you choice really, they are just looking for how you engage with the others and them and what you say. I just introduced my book, explained the story briefly, said why I chose the book (pictures, language, message/themes), talked about the age range it could be used for and what cross-curricular activities you could perhaps do. All of my group also talked about how they had used the book with the children they work with and their reaction to it. It's very quick and was the easiest part of the interview I felt. There's a brief discussion afterwards about the other books.
    The individual interview lasts about 30mins and they ask you questions about why you want to teach, how children learn, behavioural strategies, diversity, what you can bring to teaching etc and will pick up things you've said in your personal statement. It's not that bad and soon flies by.
    For me the hardest part was the written exercise, where you have to analyse, summarise and respond to a group of texts. Don't think i did very well on this part, but we will see.
    Good luck and don't panic, i'm sure you'll be fine!
  3. thanks for your advice/info. do you think its important to talk about using the book with kids/their reactions? the book im planning to do is a bit too advanced for the year 4 kids i do volunteering with and i wont really get much opportunity to talk to them about it or for them to read it even if they could.
  4. also does it matter what age the book is aimed for? it just says on the info sheet that you have to talk about a childrens book doesnt mention age. im just a bit concerned because the book im planning to use is suitable for age 10+ so only for say year 6 and possibly good year 5 readers and im aware that in my local library it is in the teenage section. im just worried that they will expect a book more clearly aimed at primary school age kids, although its obviously a book that year 5/6 could read.
  5. stressing at the moment. so much preparation to do in the next two weeks. i was wondering whether doing a powerpoint presentation would be a good idea or is it unlikely that there will be a computer etc?
  6. If you feel comfortable in a suit then thats fine. On the day I went most of us just wore smart trousers and shoes with a blouse and cardi....sort of smart but casual. Just be yourself thats what they want to see. When's your interview? Good luck :)
  7. My interview is next friday (25th). I know that current educational issues tend to come in interviews and in my written test. I was wondering if anyone know what are the most important ones to know about. I have looked through lots of recent education articles in the news but i still dont feel i know much or what are the ones to look out.
  8. congratulations on getting a place for September.
    I just wondered what book you chose?

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