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UAE Teaching 2017

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by teacher20014, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. teacher20014

    teacher20014 New commenter


    I've been offered a job in a school in Abu Dhabi for Aug 2017.

    I have also got an interview for
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] on Friday.

    Can anyone give me any advice on this school as it is obviously hard to get a feel for when you cannot visit.

    Also, does anyone work in AD/Dubai and can tell me about either/or. Pros/Cons of each?


  2. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Sent you a 'conversation'.
  3. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    I honestly would just go for it. I have been googling/asking etc and last week had a break down lol! I was just so overwhelmed with all the information positive and negative and it just pushed me over the edge! Now I have stopped googling, stopped listening to people who have no idea what they are talking about! ( advice from people who worked/lived out there is different, that is advice I can take on board) I am just looking forward to getting out there and starting it :) x
  4. teacher20014

    teacher20014 New commenter

    Thank you so much! I know I def want to go for it just need to decide Abu Dhabi or Dubai really!!! Thank you for your advice! Where are you moving to AD or Dubai? xx
  5. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    I am Dubai! I have friends in both, and both said different! one friend said Dubai is more like party party and AD is more chilled, but I have never worked/lived there so i don't know! for me it would be the school, go with which ever one you feel you could do 2 years there. Obvs you could always do one and then the other after? but It's all down to what you feel with make you happy :) xx
  6. mflnqt

    mflnqt New commenter

    I work in AD, it is more chilled here in comparison to Dubai and life is more relaxed. Schools in Abu Dhabi do pay more than schools in Dubai and Jebel Ali (South part of Dubai) is an hour drive from me so being in Abu Dhabi you can have the best of both worlds.
  7. newageteacher

    newageteacher New commenter

    AD: Marina Mall, Al wahda Mall, Corniche with a few hotels, 49ers in Dana Hotel, Meridian hotel and bar/nightclub. That's about all there is in AD.

    Dubai: Jumeitah beach, Mall of the Emirates, Hotels galore. That's all there is there too. You go to D and AD for $$ and have more fun if you're male from my experience....nearly got kicked out cos I brought a guest back to my villa when it was forbidden to have guests.
  8. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Wow Newageteacher... you have not been in AD or Dubai for quite a while, have you? And if 49ers was your local hangout, that speaks volumes about you doesn't it! You sound a lot like Musikteech!
  9. newageteacher

    newageteacher New commenter

    Wow Powergnome you really one clever teacher working out when I was in AD and D. Actually I went to 49ers first of all by chance and then to play darts cos they had two dartboards there and I played matches with some good players. That's why I went there FYI although it's none ya biz why I went there since I am an adult and the people who go/went there were adults too. It was a local hangout as you call it because it was central AD. I also went to Harvesters to play darts too. So I don't know what you mean speaks volumes about me. What you SHOULD be saying is it speaks volumes about the UAE government/police etc although I know why you teachers really go to AD and D and it isn't because you so much want to give an education to Arabic children. Speaks volumes about all you young teachers out there too.
  10. newageteacher

    newageteacher New commenter

    teacher2014 how much you been offered? $3500 a month like 75% of teachers there? LOL £70k a year my _ _ _
  11. newageteacher

    newageteacher New commenter

    Actually I don't like the UAE and Bahrain now because they allow the constant abuse of women from SE Asia and China. I also don't like Arabic men from the UAE and Bahrain who are two faced and spend their state-given oil benefits on these poor ladies. I have a GF from one of these countries and she is just a normal girl like anyone else. I also hate the way these women are offered lower salaries than western women when they are just as qualified just because of where they come from. This is why I wouldn't work in the UAE again. Saudi Arabia is alright. They are moral there. Not so in the UAE though I'm afraid.
  12. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    newageteacher is correct in this (purposefully provocative and WUMmy) comment - not all teachers abroad (Middle East or any other area) do get the high end salaries, and this really is something that colleagues seeking a move abroad do need to realise. The importance of finding out about your prospective school is an absolute imperative. Ofcourse, the high end packages DO exist - you just need to know where they are, and be qualified and good enough, to get them - they will be very competitive.
    There are people on here who are happy to help when asked, from a position of experience and knowledge, and not just be a total dick about it just because they are writing under a pseudonym.
    dumbbells66 likes this.
  13. jaynethomas0207

    jaynethomas0207 New commenter

    Hi All, I have just had an interview for my first international job in Dubai and have another via Skype tomorrow. My husband and I are really excited about going but would be really interested if anyone could point out any of the main pitfalls we should look out for. Also how much personal stuff for your homes do you all take? Thanks in advance :)
  14. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    There might be one or two problems if you were to read "The Dark Side of Dubai", an article that appeared in The Independent a few years ago. Therefore I would advise you, jaynethomas0207, not to read this article.

    If your name really is Jayne Thomas, then I would also advise you think of another nom de plume.

    I was interested to read newageteacher's comment that the UAE is an immoral place, but Saudi Arabia is "alright". Thank goodness for that! I have heard one or two rumours about maids getting abused, the persecution of minorities and beheadings in the Magic Kingdom, so it is good to know that these Saudi stories are not true.
    drvs and Powergnome3 like this.
  15. drooth

    drooth New commenter

    I have been offered a job in AD for this coming academic year :) All very exciting x
  16. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    It is intetesting to note that some posters on this thread consider AD to be "chilled". Including in the summer months, when the temperature is 45+?
  17. drooth

    drooth New commenter

    Can anyone give me the heads up as to which schools are good? I know we cannot name them here?
  18. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    When I found a job I liked the look off I looked on the KHDA website which is their inspection reports and read them. It's hard really because un like the UK you can't really go for a look around! I would just say go with your gut, does the job sound what you're looking for? is the package good?

    When I went for my interview for my job in Dubai I just got the 'feeling' and went with my gut! before getting my job that I am in now I was on Supply and used to get send to all places! I worked in both RI schools and outstanding! In some cases the RI were better! more comitied, willing to help etc.

    Just do what you think is right, people could give you a list of all the outstanding schools in Dubai but you could think different! it's really down to you :)

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