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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ayoung227, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    I’ve been told by my agency not to attest the dbs since it’s no longer required- degree and marriage certificate/child’s birth certificate would require attestation
  2. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    same here!!! Now I can finally start to pack!!!
    Have you sent your documents to the FCO?
  3. ayoung2270

    ayoung2270 New commenter

    Hi Tzara, I can’t believe it finally we are on our way! Sent all attested docs back a while ago, not received travel form from agency so will be chasing them for that but have everything else. Hope to see you out there we just don’t know when?
  4. ridhakarim

    ridhakarim New commenter

    Some people are saying to get it attested and some not. To be honest eventho my agency said you dont need it to be attested- to be on the safe side Id rather still do it because i dont trust them lol. Also does anyone know when we will recieve our visa and ticket? Thats all im waiting for now!!!
  5. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    oh ok, i receive my travel form last week and the rest arrived with the final contract. I'm flying out on the 24th June, you defo should have received your travel form, unless you're flying without dependents? which subject do you teach? tell me its English :)

    just a quick question after attestation from FCO, how was the experience in taking documents to the UAE embassy?
  6. ayoung2270

    ayoung2270 New commenter

    Hi Tzara. Yes it is English:) I had a company that did all my documents. My husband will be joining me 2 months after I arrive. Hopefully I will be going June 24 I will be flying from Manchester where are you leaving from. My son is already in AD teaching so hopefully we will have some help when we arrive. Speak soon Andrea
  7. ginajones

    ginajones New commenter

    I did the UAE attestation online, paid for it online, printed the receipt and sent it all off registered deliver 26/05. It came back today. So 4 days in all :)
  8. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    Oh wow, nice to meet a fellow colleague! I wish I had sometime sort my documents out, oh well I’m hoping the FCO and rapid in their attestation so I can head to the embassy. There seems to be another way after just reading another comment here. I’m flying out from Birmingham!
    Hopefully see you there soon Andrea, tc
  9. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    So Gina I’m assuming after getting your documents back from the FCO you didn’t have to go to the embassy after all then?
    Do you have a link where I can do the same ? Much appreciated!
  10. ginajones

    ginajones New commenter

  11. ridhakarim

    ridhakarim New commenter

    Did you guys send off colour photocopies of your degrees etc?
  12. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    Much appreciated Gina jones you’re a lifesaver! Helped me heading south.
  13. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Occasional commenter

    I did my UAE embassy stuff from here in the UAE - so it's not essential but it's a massive pain if you don't do it before you arrive.
  14. ginajones

    ginajones New commenter

  15. charlottejacks

    charlottejacks New commenter

    Yeah but my solicitor urged me to send a black and white copy rather than colour. I didn’t think this mattered but I just followed what he said.
  16. MissAmjed

    MissAmjed New commenter

    Same.. my solicitor said black and white too but I don’t think it matters tbh.
  17. ummarzaman

    ummarzaman New commenter

    Thanks for this.out of this which documents need to be attested. i dont have a dbs since i haven't worked with children as i come from FE , neither do I have a teaching certificate (for the same reasons).i however, have been shortlisted for the interview on this 23rd in London.
    I am going UAE regalrdless of me getting the job or not so attestation of documents has been on the plate for a while now. I am married ( not registered in the UK) and have a daughter (under 1, born in the UK). I amnaware that I can't apply for my own DBS, will MOE assist with that?, If not, How can I possibly apply?
    Also i was thinking to attest these documents

    1 Master Degree (UK institute) ONLY.

    But i read somewhere that i also need my transcript attested and dbs and child birth certificate , marriage certificate etc.

    I would love to hear anh information on this especially from people who have secured a place with MOE.

    My father is in the UAE and i have been born and bred there , so relocating with or without the job is inevitable!
    If i just go without a job i would only need my degree to be attested, for the time being (job hunting)
    But its good to know if i am lucky enough to be offered this position, what documents i am looking at and how long and how much !! :)

  18. markedout

    markedout New commenter

    Most of the info you need re attestation is here:

    Note especially the section about non-UK documents such as your marriage certificate. For example, I married in Gibraltar and had to get an attested copy of my certificate from there, which took almost two months, before having it attested again by the FCO and then taking it to the embassy.

    You only need to attest your highest degree, so I only did my MA in Special Needs and my PGCE. As far as I know, UAE are one of the countries that do not require a transcript, unlike Qatar.
  19. julm18638427

    julm18638427 New commenter

    What’s the reason they need your marriage certificate?
  20. markedout

    markedout New commenter

    For a spousal visa.

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