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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ayoung227, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Rendak

    Rendak New commenter

    I just wanted to ask were you guys allowed to use your notes during the interview ? Or during the test or was everything taken away from you? Plus did you do the lesson there or beforehand ?
  2. Rendak

    Rendak New commenter

    I just want to ask you did you use any notes during your written test ? And did you bring in a lesson or you prepared one there ?
  3. Kramsay12

    Kramsay12 New commenter

    I have an interview for the Primary English post with MOE in Manchester at the end of the month. I was just looking for some general advise on what type of questions I can expect in the test. I received an email stating that the test will include themes of grammar, phonics, science etc. Any help/advise is much appreciated.
  4. ayoung227

    ayoung227 New commenter

    I had my interview March for same post there was a lesson plan and rationale to write 5 questions on noun types a question on how you would teach reading. I strongly advice go with a lesson plan in mind I took p.p. print out and talked through it in interview they are strong on positive behaviour so include lots of that in L.P. and interview. Interview was about 10min general questions. I hope this helps. Good luck see you in the sun.
    Kramsay12 likes this.
  5. umaralikhan

    umaralikhan New commenter


    when you sent off your documents, how old was your DBS, I had to ask my current school to apply for a new DBS because my agency said the MOE require one less than 6 months old, was this the case with you??
  6. ayoung227

    ayoung227 New commenter

    Mine was issued 31 July 2017 I was told it has to have a year. Trying to apply for another just in case but sent old one of after having it attested.
  7. ayoung227

    ayoung227 New commenter

    Sorry I forgot to add the document that came with the job offer also stated DBS to be within a year so i would double check the 6 month date.
  8. Same boat, mines's tomorrow morning. For the PE graduate position, do you have to do a lesson plan and micro-teach or present them with how you would tackle explaining a technical term?
  9. thefriendlyfalcon

    thefriendlyfalcon New commenter

    I had my interview on 7th of April, Primary English, still waiting for the result .Would like to know if somebody heard from them with the same interview date. I was told 10 working days which already finished. Please reply if the result is out already.
  10. Rendak

    Rendak New commenter

    I heard last Wednesday and got my offer today.
  11. julm18638427

    julm18638427 New commenter

    Did anyone have the interview on 22nd & 23rd of April? Is the result out yet?
    fmg124 likes this.
  12. julm18638427

    julm18638427 New commenter

    Did anyone have the interview on 22nd & 23rd of April? Is the result out yet?
  13. sarahw1302

    sarahw1302 New commenter

    I had mine the 21st and have not heard yet!
  14. ridhakarim

    ridhakarim New commenter

    Did anyone have any minor convictions on their DBS btw?
  15. nolan_aliy08

    nolan_aliy08 New commenter

    I had mine on the 23rd and haven't heard yet either. I contacted my agency and they said it can take a while. What position were you applying for?
  16. julm18638427

    julm18638427 New commenter

    English Graduate. What’s about you? What agency are you with? Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon!
  17. nolan_aliy08

    nolan_aliy08 New commenter

    Health Science,

    Im with edvectus. Yeah please god, checking emails every day haha
  18. rumshakhalid

    rumshakhalid New commenter

    Have you found out about when your mobilisation date is?
  19. rumshakhalid

    rumshakhalid New commenter

    Ohh okay. That makes sense. Thanks Mr_Frosty, otherwise I was thinking that something could have been wrong.
  20. rumshakhalid

    rumshakhalid New commenter

    Hi everyone, who knows their mobilisation date and how in advance did you know? I read somewhere that some people only know their mobilisation date, a week before they fly out...

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