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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ayoung227, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

    My mobilization is also 18th August. However there is no reply from MOE since last month I got some document related to mobilization for signing . The recruiting process has been nearly 9 months,which was really desperate and frustrating. I have already read others experience,which reflected that ticket will be arrived two days earlier moving. Anyway there will be no final conclusion until you have your ticket in your mail.
  2. ghosthandball

    ghosthandball New commenter

    Unfortunately, I have not recieved the visa uptill now!
  3. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

  4. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

    Neither am I . I should have set off at the date of 18th August. However there is still no reply from them. There is nothing I can do at presents ,and what I am doing now is just staying waiting with hope. It is too painful and frustrating.
  5. ellieward16

    ellieward16 New commenter

    same happened to me! are you still waiting and have you had any more information?
  6. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

    nothing at all all
  7. farzinahammed1

    farzinahammed1 New commenter

    I applied for computer science. I'm preparing for phase 1 which is mcq , technical questions. Can someone share their experience on their phase 2 interview?
    I had experience in college teaching not having any experience in teaching in schools.
    Do i need to prepare lesson plan?
    What sort of questions are asked in interview?
  8. navina0989

    navina0989 New commenter

    I had only 6 months experience can you plz suggest on the syllabus of chemistry to get prepared to get through written exam ... kindly revert and help with some inputs on topics covered in exam which would be helpful and greatful
  9. Hi
    Have you got your visa and ticket?
  10. isupportcommonsense

    isupportcommonsense New commenter

    Hi anyone applied to the graduate business role for January start? I sent my application how long does it to get an interview?
  11. fatlamb

    fatlamb New commenter


    It was pretty quick for me maybe 2/3 days. I have an interview in Manchester on 19/10/2019. I was wondering if anyone at all had any info on the mcq exam, any information at all would be a help
  12. Hi Everyone
    I am going to appear for Business Teacher interview with MoE (UAE) in the next few days in Ireland, has anyone here had the experience of Business Teacher interview. Like what kind and how many questions are asked and what are the passing percentage?
  13. miller18th

    miller18th New commenter

    Hi eagazie,
    Hope you performed well at the UAE MoE test and interview.
  14. Hello,

    Does anyone have any idea about the syllabus for specialized skill teachers (Travel and Tourism)?

    Has anyone attended the interview for this position?

    Your reply would be highly appreciated!
  15. jeejaharikichu

    jeejaharikichu New commenter

    Does anyone have any idea about the moe interview in India thia year. I have asked my agency and they don't have any idea about the interview. I was acknowledged about the interview in september 2019, but there was not one.

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