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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ayoung227, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    200 candidates including all subject or only for computer science
  2. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    I received my employment contract last week, which makes it a month of waiting from when I received my initial contract. Are you for TTP?
    sSalma24 likes this.
  3. sSalma24

    sSalma24 New commenter

    Health science
  4. sSalma24

    sSalma24 New commenter

    Yes I am I guess.my consultant hasn't confirmed yet.
  5. ehtay786

    ehtay786 New commenter

    Any regular medical or GAMCA medical
  6. kamuoriginals

    kamuoriginals New commenter

    200 people Only for computerscience for 1 session. Similary many sessions were conducted on the same day.
  7. salvation96

    salvation96 New commenter

    I went on Apr 1 st for Computer Science post.
    Could not clear the written test.
    [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    The written test was purposely made difficult for Indian candidates. Sample test provided by MoE as well as topics given by recruitment agency was misleading.
  8. GloryGloryManU

    GloryGloryManU New commenter

    Hi guys

    I'm from the UK. I applied for the chemistry teacher training program via zedpoint plus ( Agency based in India). I was successful and received an initial offer letter last Thursday. Was just wondering if anyone knows roughly how long it takes to get your official contract, and when mobilisation dates are this year? Also anybody else with Zedpoint?
  9. manojkgkg

    manojkgkg New commenter

  10. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper


    The arrest of a British woman for writing something a bit unpleasant on Facebook should give anyone who is planning to go to the UAE some pause for throught. Have your written anything unkind about your ex-husband or ex-wife? Have you written something online that is a bit nasty about the MoE? Or anything at all about the UAE or anyone Emirati? Oh dear. Then you had better stay away from Dubai, if you do not want to get arrested as well. And do not expect the Foreign Office to come to your aid if you ignore my advice!

    Incidentally, I am NOT planning to come back to Qatar sometimes soon, Madam A***, so you will not be able to get me arrested.

    If you want to call me "a horse", then I really do not mind because hippos, as everyone knows, as river horses.
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  11. b_zehra

    b_zehra New commenter

    I am direct applicant apply from MOE portal.I have interview on 23 Feb 2019 at Sharjah, for English Graduate Teacher. After interview they said the result will come out by 2 to 4 week. But till now I doesn't received any information mail regarding about the result. Has anyone have received a mail from MOE for above position. Please share me the information.
    Thank you
  12. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    Mine was after 10 days, as was advised. I already had my final contract and TTP training form signed, but I guess I'd be included in the May training schedule. The longer part is waiting for employment contract, but it's worth it once you are sure you'd go.
  13. manu_arrower

    manu_arrower New commenter

    Any one who cleared the Moe recruitment exams held on 31st march and 1st april (physics)at mumbai received any confirmation?? I was told during the interview that they will get back in touch within two weeks.
  14. manu_arrower

    manu_arrower New commenter

    Hi...hw ws the exam?
  15. jeejaharikichu

    jeejaharikichu New commenter

    No response so far
  16. manu_arrower

    manu_arrower New commenter

    which subject? hw ws the interview?
  17. chitratng

    chitratng New commenter

    I had attended inter on 29 but still no response
  18. manu_arrower

    manu_arrower New commenter

    are u aware of anyone who got a response or something from the ministry?
  19. jeejaharikichu

    jeejaharikichu New commenter

    English. Interview was okay it seemed.
  20. km_najma

    km_najma New commenter

    Have you attended interview on 30th in Delhi? Me too was there..for English. Any updates since then?

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