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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ayoung227, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    I also attending interview on 31st March mumbai..which subject u have applied for?
  2. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Hi Ronald thanks for the information..
    from your experience i want to know few more things my question is that everyone will be called for face to face interview or only those who clear their first round wil be called for interview after written test.
    which subject u have applied for ?what to expect in first round i mean wt kind of questions if u know few please tell us..
    thank you
  3. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Please share your experience how was your interview as i m appearing for maths position.. please tell what questions you got in first round i m worried about 1st round i dont know what to expect can you please tel few questions that u had got so that i can get an idea please help in this regard.You can post here..
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    thank you
  4. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    Everyone who took the test will be interviewed. I applied for Maths position and they ask the same questions as in any face-to-face interviews.
  5. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

  6. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    More on problem solving. Expect A -level type.
  7. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Can you share some example questions which you came across
  8. deepalisuryawanshi63

    deepalisuryawanshi63 New commenter

    For biology subject
  9. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    Hi. The questions, they say, were random. The sample exam (in the website) difficulty is nowhere near the actual exam. I honestly could not remember the questions, but they require critical thinking. Anyway you will be given enough time to solve them, unless you give up at an earlier time. Don't be discouraged by your performance in the test though. In my experience, most applicants passed their test papers in 1 or 1.5 hours. I've heard that a major portion of passing the interview is on the micro-teaching and face-to-face. With this, I will just advise you to face your interview with poise and confidence, as they will see through that. If the job's for you, it will definitely come to you.
  10. rechu8428

    rechu8428 New commenter

    Hi am from India,i have interview on april 1st,my subject is biology.As far as i know we will have an objective test for the subject which we applied .Those candidates who have the score only allowed for face to face interview.
  11. naturesbeauty03

    naturesbeauty03 New commenter

    Hi najma.Are you attending the interview in delhi? I am attending in mumbai.
    [This comment/section/image has been removed]

  12. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Thank you for your kind response.Thanks a ton..
    In your reply you have mentioned sample exam in the website can you provide that link please.
  13. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    If you can't find the sample exam questions on their website do you really think teaching abroad is for you? And why on earth are you giving out your mobile number on an open forum?
  14. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    I Have applied through consultancy i asked them to share ideas about MCQ pattern.they said there is no syllabus for it.. if u know the link please share
  15. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    All the best for those who are attending interview on 29th -30th Delhi kindly share your experience
  16. ronaldpsoriano

    ronaldpsoriano New commenter

    Search Google for www.moe.gov.ae There is a sample exam there. I somehow agree with sparkle. Internet is just one click away. But don't rely on that sample. It's way too easy. The exam's on a whole different level.
  17. kamuoriginals

    kamuoriginals New commenter

    I attended interview for computer science in Delhi. It was tough. They shortlisted 20 people out of 200 people for second round. The mcq was tough according to me. They asked subnet mask, ip config all in depth of subject. Money wasted since I went from Dubai to Delhi. I felt I should not have been called for.
  18. sSalma24

    sSalma24 New commenter

    I have been waiting for my final contract since almost 4 weeks now. Any idea on what the exact timeline is between the initial n final contract. Also, after getting ur final contract within how many days did they start ur training?
  19. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Those who qualify 1st round wil be called for face to face interview ?
  20. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    10-15 days ..which subject u have applied for

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