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UAE, Dubai, Oman - Salary?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Intleducator, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Oman sounds a great place... I'd be interested in finding out about salary/living costs there too....
  2. Yeah...have an acquaintance who has moved out there...trying to track down his emailll
  3. Have you asked on the Oman thread on Daves eslcafe?
  4. join the ralph lauren polo shirt culture and blow it all, or with a little self-discipline you can save £1000 a month IF you are at a good school. this is possible anywhere in the gulf...although i'm not sure about yemen.
  5. It will really vary on the school - but it isn't necessarily a reflection on how good the school is!
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Mrs Hippopotamus and I have been for five delightful holidays in Omani. A beautiful country and charming, friendly people. On the grapevine one hears that the ruler's school and a school for people from the UK both pay fairly well, but the others are a bit dodgy. Also be advised that there are some taxes in Oman and overall the cost of living there is a bit higher there than in some places in the Gulf.
  7. Hippo,
    Whenever someone asks about Oman, you wade in (a hippo's prerogative, perhaps?) with your comments about going there on holidays.
    I humbly submit that people as you find them when you are a tourist spending money and people as you find them when you are working beside them are two very different beasts indeed.
    If I had only met the Omanis that I was in contact with outside of school, I would probably also be under the false impression that they were "charming, friendly people."
  8. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, hippos do a lot of wading.
    I have never taught in Oman and I have never claimed that I have taught there. However, I have been there five times and so I do not think I am just another tourist. Yes, it is true that teachers want information about schools, but it is also nice to know whether or not there is anything to do at weekends and in the holidays.
    Many, many visitors who have been to Oman have remarked on what lovely people the Omanis are. That is why they are sometimes called "the gentlefolk of the Gulf". If you have come across a few unpleasant ones at your school, then I am very sorry to hear that.
  9. river horse - you are one of my favourite posters - even if you do repeat yourself.
    conversations with expats from shores the other side of the middle east - you know, the ones who run everything and deliver your pizza - they all say there is less racial abuse in oman than in other gulf countries and that generally omanis are ok.
    i also here the Union Jack school pays ok.

  10. True, the river horse is usually trying to convey information in a non-offensive or smarmy manner. I'll echo his sentiments regarding Oman: the people are generally friendly, not just to tourists. A similar locale is Jordan. I was blown away when, after reading in a tourist guide that shop owners would greet you with "Welcome to Jordan!" they actually did, and they wouldn't grab you and try to pull you into their shop! Oman, Jordan (Petra) and Kenya are nearby treats not to be missed.
  11. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    I think I can understand sidinz's cynicism, given her experiences. However I have found the Omani's to be really friendly and I live here.
    And I do not just mean shopkeepers or tour operators, but also immigration and customs officials, people behind desks in government offices, even some drivers!
    Obviously this is a huge generalisation, and there are some real miserable *** about. But for me, positive experiences have out numbered the negatives.
  12. 'although i'm not sure about yemen'
    ??? Haha?
  13. I work in Abu Dhabi. My school pays $48,000 to $56,000 US a year for 4 years exp. The lower being for a 1st degree, the latter for a PhD. That includes the retirement bonus you get each year. Housing and bills are paid for.
    My friend's school in Dubai pays around the same.
    The settling and moving allowance are also good.

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