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U6 trip to France

Discussion in 'School trips' started by Laura King, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Can anyone offer any advice? I'm looking into organising a trip to France with a group of U6 students but I don't really know where to start. I've looked into flights to Paris (it seemed the obvious option), but having read some forum comments I had a look at NST and the possibility of going to Brittany or Normandy. Given the time of year (I intend to go in October) I'm not sure that coastal areas would be a good plan. Also, can anyone advise on a rough cost?
  2. MFLCorner

    MFLCorner New commenter

    I did a Paris trip in october last year and it cost £240 per head. (free teacher to every 8 students)
    Rough itinerary: day in paris (eiffel tower,lunch in restaurant,montmartre etc with evening boat tour) . Day in Disneyland.
    It was only a 3 night stay but was good for price and the weather was great. I'm currently looking to go with Voyager who seem organised and have good service.
    A friend went to Normandy recently and said the students found it amazing!
  3. I did a 4 night trip to Paris earlier this year with NST (who were excellent) which cost £300 per head, including all visits (Disney, Stade de France, Cite des Sciences, Eiffel tower, etc), and all meals. This was staying in a proper hotel with ensuite, as I really dislike the schools centres as they tend to be full of unruly school parties making huge amounts of noise as there is no-one to disturb. We've never had any issues like this when using hotels (in fact all of our Year 8s were fast asleep by 10pm every single night!).
    However, when I came to book next year's trip (which will be 5 nights) the price had rocketted to £460! Needless to say, we are going with another company (Adaptable travel) who came up with a much more reasonable quote (about £340) staying at a very nice hotel with buffet meals.
    I've been on trips to Normandy in the past, but the weather pretty much ruined one trip (in March) and there is just not the same sense of excitement as there is in going to Paris, especially for older students.
  4. Hi, It does pay to shop around but try to get a quotation from Schools Into Europe as they specialise in trips within Europe and in particular have a lot of contacts in France. Normandy is an excellent destination with so much to do and October will give you a lot more flexibility in terms of availability of accommodation.

    Good Luck!

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