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Tyre question

Discussion in 'Personal' started by sensei123, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. We're having to get new tyres for our car for the first time ever, and I'm confused by the range of brands of tyres available.
    I want ones which will last a while, drive approx 60 miles on average a week and am on a reasonable budget.
    Any recommendations?
    It's our first car, and neither myself nor my partner have a clue what to look for in tyres.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Go to a specialist tyre place - not kwik fit and ask them to help you. Chemfix near Halesowen were nice to me if you are in the midlands.
  3. I've found loads of tyre places in our area (sadly not in the midlands), but between them there are so many options! I guess it wouldn't do any harm to go in and ask for advice. Just don't want to seem like a gullible woman and get ripped off.

  4. Don't go for budget.
    My advice is to go for a named brand ie. pirelli, mitchelin, continental but for 60 miles a week I , wouldn't go for one of their top of the range, performance tyres. It is a case of you get what you pay for both in wear and fuel consumption. Different folks have different recommendations so perhaps just go with the make that's already on your car.
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Apparently Chinese tyres are flooding our market with names like Wanli. Maxxis are Chinese, supposed to actually be good, but my car came with some on which wore out very quick and were noisy. Some of the ones you have never heard of are actually made by the big brands as "budget" tyres but actually use their old moulds from a few years back, and are thus perfectly good.
    I have used tyres made in Jordieland before called "Viking", they are cheaper than your Pirellis, Michelins etc, are perfectly good in all conditions, but perhaps do not do the mileage of the posh makes. I would recommend Viking tyres, but the supply may be limited.
    As said do NOT go to Halfords, ATS, Kwikfit or the like, go to an independent local tyre dealer and make sure the price quoted is for tyre + fitting + new valves + balancing.
  6. Or, alternatively, do since they sell a range of tyres, are cost effective, fit and balance them professionally and offer a good warranty
  7. I know in Britain you don't bother much with summer and winter tyres (we have to) but you may want to look into some good all-season tyres (as many sold are not suitable for winter conditions), to make driving in winter a bit easier. Most cars are sold with all-season tyres, that are actually naff all good in winter.
    As most have said - you get what you pay for. If you only drive 60 miles a week, however, you don't necessarily need to go for the most expensive.
    As I doubt you will be fitting them yourself, make sure that fitting and balancing is included in the price (Halfords and Kwikfit DO do this, I know plenty of folk who use them).


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