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Two weeks to go in this placement.....

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by RGJM2012, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. RGJM2012

    RGJM2012 New commenter

    Just thought I would add my 10 pence worth re not having a lot of fun right now!
    Basically this placement has been hell from before I even started. When I mentioned to people where I was going they would apologise to me! They all knew what I was in for but I thought no, just carry on and bite your tongue. Needless to say 5 weeks in and I barely have a tongue left. I feel completely unsuppported, nothing I do is good enough, I am having to make all my own resources for every lesson because apparently by using the ones my mentor gave me 'isn't showing my own teaching' so as well as planning, ALL the marking (which both the head and lead mentor have said they can't understand, in the LM's opinion I should only mark 2 from the LA, MA and HA students to get a feel for my planning and mentor should be doing everything else) I am also not allowed to take anything home so have to use all my lunches and after school to do everything or else I would never be able to fetch my children in time from the child minder. So, after all this and every lesson being practically mocked, being barked at in front of the children and other staff regularly, being made to feel like I'm under their feet I cannot wait for this next two weeks to be over!
    Luckily my Uni tutor has been amazing, the mentor made some comments the first time they met about not having time for their paperwork etc and tutor knew I was in for a right ride and bless her she's kept in touch daily to check I am surviving. She said 'If you can get through this, you can get through anything' so I am keeping that in mind.

    Even other staff have come to me and made comments about my mentor and the stinking attitude so I know it isnt just me. In my previous placement (Im GTP) I had been doing well, I was my own worst critic but actually was being observed and getting 'good' lesson outcomes regularly right from before Christmas. I can't wait to go back now to my lovely class (these ones are hard work!) and hopefully come out of this training in one piece!
    Roll on July people when it will ALL be over!!!!!!!!

  2. Im PGCE and marking everything from every lesson I teach (which is now the full NQT timetable). I do all my own planning and get my resources off TES and other good sites. My mentor doesnt give me resources as she wants to know what I can plan etc. She has given me the story plan template they use etc. Maybe you have different expectations to your mentor of what is standard, but for me and my colleagues this is what is expected of us to be prepared for our own class in September.

  3. You have my sympathy. I am in my final year of 3 year BEd and also having a placement from hell. I think it is just a case of different expectations in some schools. I'm just counting the days and reminding myself that it is experience in what to avoid when job hunting! Hope you make it through these last weeks :)
  4. I was in exactly the same situation last year! Like you my Uni tutor was amazing but ! Did go through hell.
    In term sof positives, when I started my NQT year I was used to doing things myself without any support and it stood me in good stead.

    Good luck and hang on in there!

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