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Two quick questions for English Head of Depts!

Discussion in 'English' started by PETERPIPER, May 15, 2011.

  1. Evening,

    I wondered if I could have a bit of advice please. I have an interview next week and have to teach a 35 min GCSE poetry lesson. In such a lesson, would you want to see evidence of catering to visual / auditory/ kineastheic learners? And would you be okay with a candidate differentiating by learning outcome and an extension task alone, since I don't know the pupils at all so have no idea which ones to sit together / give different tasks to. Do HOD's tend to be sympathetic to this or will I be expected to cover absolutely everything?

  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I would say, ask the school if there is any student who the group who would need differentiated resources, in case you have any with sight difficulties, EAL etc. Other than that, I like to see evidence in the lesson plan that consideration has been given to differentiation, even though you can't effectively differentiate with a group you don't know. I advise the student teachers I mentor to add something to their lesson plan which shows how you would adapt with group you don't know (eg, would pair with ability groups, shiow that you have considered how you would do it if you did know them. Hope that makes sense.
    As for varied activities, depends how long you have for lesson. Would expect to see variety of activities, and engaged students, but don't like watching lessons where they've 'shoehorned' in an activity to tick a 'kinaesthetic' box, which doesn't add anything to lesson and instead is crammed in to the short time that they have. Def ensure activities are varied though - 100% essential! Hope that helps some...
  3. Thanks very much for your help - this is very useful.
  4. You could contact the school and ask if students know their levels/ target levels. If they do you can adapt the task e.g. 3C-4C you will answer this question, 4B- 5B you will answer this question/ complete this task etc.

    As Chocolate Heaven suggested, I have stated on plans (in a different colour) what I would do if they were my class e.g. higher attaining student in each group to support etc.

    Good luck.
  5. Thank you for your help. I've also done what you and Chocolate Heaven suggested about putting what I'd do if they were my class. I feel reassured that I'm on the right tracks, so thanks for the tips [​IMG]
  6. I got the job!!!!!! Thank you so much guys!!! :)
  7. Warm fuzzy feelings all round!
    Well done - congratulations.
    Asking the question in the first place was a good sign.
  8. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    Tremendous news! As said above, to actually be willing to look to all sources for advice and information was a very positive step.

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