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Two questions about being an NQT in independent school

Discussion in 'Independent' started by thegirlwho, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hello! I'm just completing my PGCE year at the moment and I am hunting for jobs. I have found a suitable vacancy, went to visit the school and have now been offered an interview. I really liked the school in general, great ethos, nice staff and though it's very small it's got a lot going for it.

    My first question is about my NQT induction,The head did mention it when we spoke, but my question is, what exactly do they need to provide? Is there anything specific I should be asking them about? I don't want to sound clueless about it if they ask me, and it's something I want to bring up in interview. I don't want to end up in a place that's not giving me the support I need! I've had a quick look at the TDA website, but I'm still fairly lost!

    Secondly, the school is a prep school, so the pupils stay on till 13. From KS2 onwards, quite a lot of their lessons are with specialist teachers. I knew that music / art / pe would probably be specialist, but so is science and sometimes history and geography. With the time I'd have free from my own class, there is an expectation that i'd take on a subject (probably english) and be willing to teach the other year groups. This is great and really appeals to me, and i'd be able to move down to the pre prep department after a few years when I change year group. This would give me the opportunity to teach the full range of subjects, as they only have the regular specialist teachers there. However, I'm still worried that it's a bit narrow and that no other schools would look twice at a teacher with only a few years experience teaching such a narrow curriculum if I did end up wanting to move on. I am limiting my options too much?

    Any advice and feedback is much appreciated :)
  2. mr_a_non

    mr_a_non New commenter

    1. They either do offer induction or they don't: cut and dry. In the independent sector there is a governing body, ISCTIP, who will expect you to have an NQT file and attend three one-day conferences during your NQT year. My experience was that it was all fairly relaxed, and just ticking boxes, as long as everything was going well. Your school will have a nominated link member of staff with ISCTIP and he/she will be responsible for induction; the school will also provide you with a mentor (head of department/stage or similar) and between you there will be a small(ish) amount of paperwork to complete.

    2. I'll leave to other prep school heads and deputies/people with experience in the area.

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