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Two hour a week contract?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by bunnyrabbit, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Just been offered an opportunity to teach MFL for two hours a week. I am currently doing supply teaching, not a lot a flexibility as have child care in place for two days. It is a fair hourly rate, but not to scale. Just wondering what others would do, as if I commit, then I can't take any LEA supply (to scale), or agency supply work. I am still looking for a part time job share, having only very recently returned back to supply. I have been kept busy with supply work this term. Any advice or views welcome!

  2. 2 hours is not a lot. If you've got childcare for two days I'm assuming you want two days. Does this school have any other regular supply they could offer you - maybe at least enough to make up a full day? I'm assuming the two hours is all on the same day - in which case you should still be able to do supply on the other day.
  3. Decided to turn it down. Did ask if school would consider me for PPA cover on the same day, but they only want to commit to the two hours. In the four weeks i worked there, I could earn almost the same with one LEA supply day (to scale). Most of my work is LEA supply work. I do get some agency work, but the pay is shocking, and the umbrella payment is ripping me off even more! Grr

  4. I do not think you have given up much by turning down this 2 hours per week, which hardly seems much of a 'commitment' on the part of the school. You might have found that, after a few weeks, the school could have re-jigged the timetable to cover those couple of hours and your role would have disappeared anyway.
  5. The contract would have been with a local language school, guarantedd until end of July. I was hoping that the school could employ me to do PPA in another class (es), but not looking likely. Shame really, as I am Primary French trained. Ah well, let's hope supply work good in September, have been kept busy this last term


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