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two failed terms at NQT

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by a_man_with_a_can, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I have two failed NQT terms behind me. It's not a good feeling but I want to get my third term under my belt and hopefully do a better job this time. I quit my last job as I really wasn't enjoying it (far from family and friends, sleeping on friends couch for almost a term as I had no where to live, had a knife pulled on me outside my flat at one point, also London is hateful) but I have just moved in with my girlfriend and feel a heck of a lot more settled. I'm not putting the whole blame on circumstance; I was also quite disorganised. I have gotten a lot better in the time since I quit however.

    So the question remains; will a school take me on with 2 failed NQT terms?
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm sorry, but your chances are less than nil.
  3. Is it?
    *looks out of window*
    No it's not! My cat, my boyfriend, my sister and all of my best friends are here. AND Oxford Street Topshop is on my way home from work!
  4. I've just read this by which was written by Sarah Bubb (an NQT induction guru) found by following links from the first thread on the NQT forum

    "You can?t pass or fail during an induction
    The really improtant part of the form is the recommendation by the headteacher. You cannot ?fail? your first or second term on induction. The decision that has to be made is only formative: either that your progress indicates that you may or may not be able to meet the standards by the end of the third term."

    So technically you haven't failed yet. The question is have you got the confidence to get through the interviews and have ready answers for the questions of what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why did you leave your last post?etc..

    One way to improve your chances is to get some good references by doing supply work.

    Good Luck

  5. Thanks Toffee, some constructive advice! Yes I've signed up to some supply agencies but work is very thin.

    Cheers again.

  6. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    My advice is to not go for a job just yet, instead register with a supply agency or two and get some pressure free experience under your belt and fresh references if you need them. I have an unsuccessful term under my belt, i left the school half way through my second term as it was going badly there. I moved home and went on supply, contrary to what my old school thought of me i did very well and secured a temporary job through my supply agency. I'm settling in well there and things are going a lot better. Supply got me good references and re-invigorated my desire to teach and my confidence. Give it a go!
  7. Gosh that sounds scary! I didn't realise you could "fail" your NQT year. I thought being observed during my PGCE was bad without the stress of moving away and all the other issues we have to deal with in day to day life!! I'm an NQT but not found myself a job yet. I'm curious as to what subjects you all teach and how easy it was for you to find jobs? I see that you a_man_with_a_can moved away for work and it's looking like I might have to do the same. I'm teaching (or rather TRYING to teach!) French and Spanish.

  8. I have just completed my NQT year, I too was put forward as at risk of not passing my NQT year, have you been able to identyfy why you have failed? although you don't really fail until the third term, Once you have identyfied why you need to pur evidence into your portfolio of what you have done to rectify the problems and get your NQT mentor to sign you off.

    Mine was becuase I was being bullied, however I kept evidence of everything and involved the unions for support, Try going on to do supply work for a while until you find a school that will support you for a term to help you complete your NQT at least, you have come this far don't turn back now.

    Although it could be difficult schools will take you on because you will be cheap, join an agency they will support you looking for a job, but be honest and tell them your problems.

    good luck
  9. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Presumably you moved to London because of the job situation so a lot will depend upon the demand locally. It does depend upon the reasons for not meeting standards but supply probably would be the best option particularly given the risk factor in taking you on with 2 strikes already
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Whilst your chances of being taken on for a permanent vacancy are slim at the moment, given the competition for jobs in many areas, you may find that a temporary post will allow you to complete Induction. A school is more likely to take you on for a shorter-term placement, at least initially .

    You can register with supply agencies and with the LEA supply register (or their outsourced It would be best for you to do day-to-day supply work first as this gives you the opportunity to get to know a variety of schools and to decide where you think you would be able to thrive. Once you are on the 'circuit' you tend to hear about up-coming maternity leave posts etc.

    As soon as it is known that a school intend to employ you for at least a term's length (from any point in a school term until at least the same point in the next term) AND you will be planning and assessing work, the position has to be an Induction one and you have to be registered as an NQT wth the LA and given a 10% timetable reduction.

    You will have to deal with explaining your past Induction record (did you complete the second Induction term or did you leave the post early?) and I would suggest emphasing your difficult domestic situation at the time and the traumatic assault and then making it clear that you have turned that situation around.

    Two'failed' terms are not a bar to going on and succeeding at Induction. If they were, the rules would call a halt to an NQT's career after making unsatisfactory progress in those two terms.

    It is possible to 'pass' the first one or two terms and then to fail Induction overall. It is also possible to 'fail' the first one or tewo terms and pass at the final hurdle. Term 3 of Induction is actually the only one that counts.

    In the event of an NQT being told in the 3rd term that they are unlikely to pass overall, they should get Union support to negotiate an earlt release from their contract, thus not completing the Induction term and not getting a Fail verdict. They are then free to re-start a final Induction term later, elsewhere. A supply teacher would not need a negotiated release as their notice term would be much shorter.

  11. Sharon_hill, sorry if this is harsh, but how on earth can you get QTS without realising that NQT is a pass/ fail thing?

    I know that we were reminded of this very stark fact several times during my PGCE last year.
  12. Moony,

    Just out of interest. I quit my first NQT post back in Feb 08 after having a really bad first term although i just about past it. Been doing supply since and confidence has grown a lot. However i am anxious about taking the plunge and finishing my NQT year. As a supply on long term secure work at the same school it can be stressful at times and i'm only doing half the amount i would be expected to do if i was on contract full time. Aftre such a *** first NQT job experience i'm really unsure if i want the job in its full capacity or perhaps more to the point whether i could handle it.

    Whats your position and attitude towards it all?

    Cheers J
  13. good point, badly made.
  14. hi,

    just read your post and thought id share my story with u!

    i started my nqt yr sept 200and was a complete disaster - was put in a really challenging yr6 class and basically was failing as a teacher. had an awful time and hated every second of it. was constantly given inadequates in obeservations etc etc, there was no chance i was going to succeed at that school so after alot of tears/chats i decided to leave at easter. i suppose i was quite lucky because my school agreed not to fill in my 2nd nqt term in so only had one cause for concern term done.

    i left feeling totally deflated and wondered if id ever find a new job. signed up for supply for the summer term whilst i job hunted for the septemeber. supply gave me back alot of confidence and meanwhile went for an interview at got the job at the school im still at. they knew i had left my previous school midway through my nqt yr but didnt ask why (luckily) after getting the job i nearly lost it because my previous school wrote me a terrbile reference but they decided to keep me on anwyay.

    a year later and things cannot be any different. things are going amazingly well and i get a lot of positive feedback from observations etc. ive gone from constantly getting inadequates to getting outstanding in my last obs. it just goes to show that not every school is suited to every person. it was really awful going through it all at my previous school but i think it has made me a much stronger person. i was failing mainly because of behaviour management and was told i wasnt pushing the kids enough but that was impossible - the kids were out of control!!!

    hope this all makes sense - been a lonnnng week!!! if you want any advice or anyhtin feel free to msg me! xxx
  15. poorsoul

    poorsoul New commenter

    Hi, I just want to ask you few questions about NQT year. I started my NQT year couple of years back and first week of my induction I found out that expecting my 3rd baby (already had 4 years old and 2 years old) Anyway after 2 tearful weeks I came into term with this situation and informed the deputy head at the school. She was quite supportive. Later on, I passed my first term successfully and started the second term at the school with the new headteacher who was highly incompetent, inexperienced and power hungry. She announced at the very begginning that she is going to be the mentor for all the NQTs (obviously wanted to keep everything in her own hands- She did not have time to see me at all throughout the term (understandable - toooo much on her plate). We had 0 review meetiongs or mentoring meetings- whatever you call them.!!!!. Last week of the term she came to my classroom and announced that now it was the time to observe me formally and to write an end of term assessment report. She took my folders with her over the weekend and Monday first thing came into my class for lesson observation.At that time I was into the 9th month of my pragnancy and going on maternity leave after one week. She wrote the assessment report on the last day of the term (my last day at work before going on maternity and recommended that I may not be able to pass the induction. I was totally devastated, rather than restoring my energy for the oncoming birth I was running around and collecting all the evidences (ringing Union rep. etc.) All the family and friends adviced me to relax at that stage and forget about everything else. At the end of my maternity leave I did not dare to go back to the same school and started occasional supply work instead. Now I have been offered a job to cover maternity leave in a school near my house. I am very scared to start my third term of induciton and want to finish my induction at any cost. please please tell me how to start the 3rd term in a new school. I do not know how the mentor is going to react after looking at second term assessment report. My previous school did not know how to host NQTs so there is very limiited paperwork from school side. Although I have tried to gather bits and pieces on my own (without any guidance of anybody at school) what should be on my folder??

  16. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Your Union should perhaps have told you that your Induction could have been completed on returning to work after maternity Leave. You should have had the choice to have the Induction decided even without having served the final term in work (you were on ML).
    That said, you'd have had to rely on the school reversing their verdict at the end of term 2; certainly someone with 'on target to Pass' would be advised to let the final verdict be made without further observations etc. It's all part of not discrimintaing against someone on ML.
    I'd say not to worry about getting a 3rd term elsewhere or what they might think. A new school should be understanding about the fact that you were in the advanced stages of a pregnancy. You could also find a diplomatic way to explain that the new Head altered the Induction arrangements at the school and was then unable to mentor you as planned. tell them that you had no observations until your last week in work and thus no warning of the weaknesses that were identified and which were based solely on one lesson in the week before your ML started, which you hardly think was representative of the term's work..
    Flag up your excellent first term when the Induction programme was supportive.
    Good Luck!
  17. Feeling deflated and inadequate as a teacher while inside feeling that given the chance I will become a really good, creative teacher. Reading this post I realise that there have been ups and downs for all nqts at some point and that I am not alone. Friends -that range from other teachers and heads have told me it's the environment that doesn't suit me.

    However, have come to the point where I may fail my second term as an nqt. Reason being is that my pacing is too slow and that tin my recent observation I didn't meet the learning objective well enough.
    I am scared about my future as I have a family to support. In addition I am thinking of the well fare of the children I teach. Question I have is do I leave now, or do I continue?
    The head has been kind enough to say to me to stay and that she will observe me again, but I am feeling so low confidence wise. Am I a fool to continue aiming to be a teacher or should I just settle on being a nursery nurse or teaching assistant?
  18. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Sorry I missed your post last month Karo.
    I'd advise you to soldier on.
    remeber that you can be found to be not yet meeting the standards in terms 1 and/ or 2 but still go on to Pass OVERALL IN TERM 3. eQUALLY, AN nqt COULD SAIL THROUGH TERMS 1 AND 2 AND fAIL AT THE FINAL HURDLE.
    It's on ly the last term that counts! Accept the support that the school offer, document it, ask for more help if you need it and reconsider your position if they say, half-way through the final term, that you are unlikely to apss.
    At that stage, get Union support to negotiate an early release and go on to another school with two Induction terms 'banked' and only one to go.
  19. just wanted to say I am still soldiering on, but wonder whether I should have the last word and make everyone happy and leave. Another failed observation. Questioning good, L.O. good but didn't meet the Success criteria fully due to lack of time. As a result misconceptions raised. Spent the rest of the day trying to rectify this. My mentor asked me if I felt it was better now than before. That is if I felt I was successful 70% of the time . Replied some weeks better than others. Have to say at present I feel useless and worried about the powers at the school. HELP : (

    Probably will be sacked this half term despite 'passing' spring term
    Regards to union not sure what they can do. Feel at present if my mentor who observed me thought it was an unsuccessful obs and is also now beginning to have doubts what hope do i have. She wants me to pass, but still wonder how if I can't be observed. Does any one know a good hypnotherapist. At present I wonder if that is the root i need to take in order to control nerves.
    People say it's the environment I am in that doesn't suit me but maybe it's me
    P.s. Sorry for moaning, but am feeling REALLY low and insecure
    Writing post to get it off my chest as I feel I have no one really to talk to ... so sorry for rambling and moaning
  20. I know exactly how you feel. You are in exactly the same position as i was 2 weeks ago. I have cut my losses and handed my notice in. I find it hard to take and understand how schools can view and observe me in two different lights. I have been okay until i joined a new school i knew little about before i joined. I knew i had to hand my notice in as soon as my last observation had ended. It too was a fail. I felt and feel like a complete failure. I havent had a successful observation there. That has put me under more pressure and with each observation, the pressure has grown. I liked the staff, but I always felt like some may have wanted me to leave.
    You wont be sacked, as you are and NQT and are expected to need extra support.
    I would advise that it is in fact the environment. You are on a slippery slope. If it doesnt change soon, quit! Can you be successful if you feel rotten all of the time? Can you have a successful lesson if the expectations are for you to fail before the lesson has started? Your head may want you to pass, but her expectation is now the opposite. Another good suggestion with lesson observations is to ask for it to be video recorded. This way you can analyse your performance with the person that has observed your lesson and discuss talking points.
    I love teaching, my experience has been hard to come to terms with. I am determined to turn my career around. I am sure I am not as bad as I have recently shown but I'm sure a combination of pressure, expectations and a bad start to my school life have resulted in me looking bad and looking for a fresh start in a school. I owe it to myself and people supporting me to give it one last throw of the dice. If the results are still the same, i will move on.
    In the great scheme of things, the children are the most important thing and they need to enjoy their learning. If their teacher cannot give their all, for whatever reasont, the teacher needs to move on.

    Does anyone have any advice? It looks like the best option is going to be supply.

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