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Two English GCSEs?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by ArthurDent, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Firstly, students can not just take English Language. They take GCSE English. If you take English Language you MUST be entered for English Literature. We used to have a policy where bottom set students did not take Lit. We ditched it a number of years ago. I think I was instrumental in that when I had a bottom set group and entered them for Lit against my HOD's rules. Choose the right books and they can do Lit. Bottom set WJEC? 'Inspector Calls' or 'A Taste of Honey' and 'Heroes' by Cormier for Unit 2 exam are not too onerous a burden. 'Of Mice and Men' for Unit 1 acts as controlled assessment for Language and Unit 1 exam text (along with unseen poetry). And even if you only enter students for English, they still have to study a play by Shakespeare, so, I'd go for giving them the opportunity to do both but spend more time on Language. (I'm sure other exam boards have similar flexibility and text choice.)
  2. I am currently debating this very topic in my own dept. We have enteredt everyone for two in the past but our Current Year Tens are not great to be honest.
    You need to chat to your Head or DH i/c curriculum.
    Current AQA anthology is 7 short stoies and about a dozen poems-way too much for less able
    My reluctance in dropping two is that we used to say'you get two for the price of one' but I am worried the Lit demands are too great for very weak kids.
    The school stats really only on English and Maths so if EVERYONE gets English/English Language it's a bonus.
    English Literature is an extra GCSE for some kids and most definitely party of their much needed 5A*-C grades.

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