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Two agencies, one school

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by nikkisab, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. When I started on supply I started up with a few agencies.
    Now one agency has got me work consistently throughout the year. Another agency
    secured me one day as a cover supervisor. I didn’t hear again from this second agency until
    today. They want me to reregister for the new term, which I have no problem
    doing, and they want me to send them an updated CV to show what I’ve been doing
    this year. Understandable. However, here’s where it gets tricky See, about a
    month and a half after the one day I did as a cover supervisor I was contacted
    about going to the school as a teacher teaching my specialism, but through a
    different agency, the one who had been finding me work consistently. I have been working at this school part time
    since January until now. Obviously it now has earned itself a weighty paragraph
    in my CV as I have got so much experience from it. So now it seems I have to 'fess up.

    Could I get into any
    kind of trouble with the original agency since they placed me in that school
    first? Did I have any duty to tell them
    in the first place? And even if I’ve not broken any regs or laws, is it
    possible that they may be disgruntled by the fact that they lost out on
    money with this and be funny with me? I think I already know the
    answer but I&rsquo;d be interested to know if anyone else has ever been in this boat?</font>
  2. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Not sure on the legalities, but isn't it up to the school as to which agency they ring for a supply? If they rang X agency and they rang you why should you inform Y agency. Schools usually have favourite agencies that they use, only if X hasn't got anyone suitable will they ring Y, then Z.
    I probably wouldn't re-register if they haven't done anything for you.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Don't see why you can't work for the same school via two agencies. This is a potential scenario as to what happened.
    School rings agency X. We need a teacher for the day. Agency X - yes, we've got ..... School remembers they had you as a cover supervisor through agency Y. Oh great we'll have .....
    It could be argued that agency Y introduced you to the school and the fact that you worked at the school helped you get the position from agency X. Even if it was for only one day.
    Schools do use different supply agencies.
    TBH, if agency Y only got you a day as a cover supervisor, I'd stick with agency X.
  4. I've done it before and both agencies knew I'd been to the school before (the school's a bit of an agency jumper arounder) and were fine with it, as were the school. Wasn't anything like asking for me specifically or anything - just a "we have X available" dealie.
  5. Agencies owe us no loyalty, so we owe none to them. If there is any quibble about 'finder's fees' that is for the schools to work out between them. What you could do, for the agency that only found you one day is to hand them a CV, which reflects only the amount of work you were found by them. Afterall, the worse that can happen to you is that the agency finds you no more work, which it has hardly done, anyway.
    I have had the situation, as I have joined 'quite a few' of being invited to re-register for this year (for a fee and a new CRB, of course). When I demurred about paying for yet anohter CRB, I was told that they could not find me any more work without one, to which I replied that what difference would it make, since you did not find me any work last year, when I had one.

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