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Twitter - who to follow?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Milly Molly, May 8, 2011.

  1. I'm newly loving Twitter. I post nothing, ever, but I wander around all over the place eavesdropping on other people. Not quite sure who to focus my stalking tendencies on though. So far my favourites are Caitlin Moran and Sara Cox (@sarahjcox) from Radio 1. Laugh out loud stuff there. Any other suggestions?
  2. Afraid not, as I totally fail to understand why anyone who want to follow anyone?
    I am not the slightest bit interested in what anyone is doing.
  3. I follow
    Chris Moyles
    Alan Sugar

    my family ... good to find out what they are doing

    a few other
  4. For support, for ideas, lesson resources for a global professional network, light relief, as a sounding board, to keep up to date with local travel news,for entertainment, to keep up to date with the lates rugby score, to hear about the latest vacancies, to kill time ......

    If it's pure entertainment that your after @shappikhorsandi is a good one to follow. I love her comedy. @tombarett is a good educational one - he always posts useful links

  5. Not too much or you'll spend your life just reading tweets! I follow Simonpegg, factchimp, profbriancox, chrisdjmoyles, and his crew, wossy, themichaelcaine, jimmycarr, stephenfry, and then the usual stuff, news, natgeosociety, Disney bits, school bits, charity bits... Plus stewie griffin from family guy. :0)
  6. I went with BBC Breaking as they post less but pithy than some of the others I tried
  7. Arr I went with skynewsbreak... I also found some of the others post too much.
  8. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Hear hear.
  9. You're not interested in what anyone else ever does? [​IMG] Honestly?
  10. That's what I thought to initially. Went to have a look because a number of businesses I work with use it for professional purposes and I was quite surprised at what was on there. It's not just the gossip! BBC Breaking is great for news and India Knight can be an interesting follow. Also @ABCDoes for all the Early Years people.(Just found that - apparantly I'm a bit slow on the uptake cos everyone else knows all about it.) Right, back to check on Sarah Cox....
  11. Tbh, not really fussed on most people's activities. Comedy people... post funny stuff, and the others that I follow are good for quick updates. Far quicker to obtain information from charities etc, they will post the important things worth reading!
  12. Agreed ... I do not really follow "blogging" type of people

    I follow the types that announce ... I am following ALan Sugar because apprentice starts next week

    My better half follows work type organisations ... he has just found out about a really useful conference that he is going to attend on Monday eve ... without Twitter he would not have heard about it
  13. DM

    DM New commenter

    At present, newspaper articles and TV current affairs programmes make a heck of a lot more sense if you follow people like @InjunctionSuper.
  14. Ones that I enjoy following:
    PrincePhilipDoE and Queen_UK very funny!
    just cos I like them.
    A few others more locally applicable and related to my football team but the above, plus Stephen Fry, have a wider appeal.
    Can be a bit of a time sucker so have to be strict!
  15. Twitter's beyond me really, but I did have a cackle following Grace Dent's royal wedding twitter. Very amusing.
  16. Queen_UK is very funny.
    If you aren't using Twitter to stay in touch with people you know or to promote your business, you will probably struggle to see a point in it. I did at first but I'm getting it now.
  17. Not so much that I need to have an online update - no!
    If I find out a few days later, that is fine by me.
    I know twitter is used more seriously, but I still don't find I need it at all, personally.
    If you enjoy it, that is fine.
    But I find the idea of following a sleb around a bit...odd.
  18. I got a twitter account ages ago, but am a bit bemused as to how it all works.
  19. I've recently started following some teachers who post very useful teaching ideas. I discovered the idea of flipped classes on twitter. So I am using it as a PLN (professional learning network) more than anything.
    <address>I also follow, but don't always have time to do much other than pass it by; @tafkam1979 ( please tweet more Tafkam), @tedtalks (TED), @veritasium, @alomshaha, @ProfBrianCox, @albancello, @mrsebiology (fantastic source of ideas on the internet), @timminchin, @stumbleupon (source of some wonderful things on the internet), @ericwhiteacre, @GarethMalone, and 40 more (mostly teachers or educators). Not sure why this has gone into italics? When you see someone who looks interesting/source of useful ideas, check out their latest tweets and decide if they are worth following. </address><address>I haven't actually done that much tweeting myself, yet. Still sort of lurking.</address><address>I would like to get teachers at my school and at similar schools onto it so we can communicate ideas with it.
  20. I forgot there is also #ukedchat which hosts a 1 hour discussion (via tweets) for teachers/educators, every Thurs evening at 8pm, on a question that has been voted for by people. Search for #ukedchat to see what was involved last week.

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