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Twin pregnancy risk assessment

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by jujubear118, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions for what I need to include on a risk assessment for primary school when I'm having twins? I'm sure there will be things I haven't thought about.
  2. I'm on maternity now waiting for my twins to arrive. I was just given the generic LA risk assessment, nothing else was added to it and I was also primary. I think you just need to think about how you are going to feel during the pregnancy. You will get bigger faster than with a single pregnancy and may be more tired, particularly towards the end. You may decide to take your maternity leave early i went at 30 weeks and am so glad I did, I'm nearly 33 weeks now and completely exhausted, I couldn't have carried on any longer. I carried on with yard duties till I finished but made sure I gave myself time to sit down when I needed to. I think you need to go with how you feel and make adjustments as you need to. If you have any other questions please ask x
  3. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    They never did any for me.
  4. Hello again Juju
    I think I've already told you all this but anyway. My school were really good about my risk assessment. I was given a lift pass, a trolley to wheel my books around with as I didn't have my own classroom and they let me stop teaching when I got to 27 weeks (although by this point I was on crutches so it was pretty impossible!) It's also really important to have easy access to a loo! The important thing is that they know that twin pregnancies are really tough towards the end of the second tri and you are more likely to be on own the receiving end of a whole multitude of ailments such as spd, vomiting, back pain etc. x

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