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Discussion in 'Personal' started by arcturus, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Does anyone do home tutoring? I am trying to boost my income and am wondering if this could be an option.

    How do you manage it on top of a full teaching load and are there any tutoring companies that you recommend?

  2. Not sure where you are butI found that the highest payers were the local authority for children who had been permanently excluded (£50 an hour, remembering that you only teach 50 mins the other 10 are ppa lol). I just about coped with 3 a week but it got me out of debt in 6 months then I quit for the sake of my sanity.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It sounds interesting - do you have a link that I could visit?

    Was it a complete nightmare? I assume they were small classes?
  4. I started off just by asking friends and neighbours if they knew of anyone. I charged £25 an hour and did 2 a week - beer money.
    There are loads of companies out there
  5. It was 1:1 and it was tough, but they all got their literacy GCSE and one of them even got an A - it was really tough and I did feel really vulnerable - I got the deal thro community links (not sure if that is a nation wide organisation or not) and they approached me rather than me punting for business.
  6. There are lots of websites that you can register on for free - I think I used tutorfirst or something similar. I had a few enquirie - I declined a couple that were secondary as I only teach KS1 and didn't think Id be the best for those jobs - But I did accept a lovely Y6 girl who I tutored once a weeek for most of the year. I charged £15 an hour because I was new to it, but would charge more now. She came to my house after discussion with her mum who dropped her off for the hour. I found this easier as I didnt have to rush out after getting in from work, and I also would feel a bit uncomfortable tutoring at someone's house when I knew the parents was listening etc.
    I also did the 1:1 tutoring for two Y6 children through school - £30 an hour but taxed and it also pushes up the amount you pay in pension, student loan etc so to be honest I wish Id only done 1 as doing 2 straight after school was draining.
  7. I use FirstTutors. It's free for you to set up your profile, and if someone is interested in your services they can email you, and once you and they are happy to proceed they buy your contact details from the site (for £5-10). I was dubious at first but have had 10 enquiries from which I have tutored 7 kids aged between 10-17. I started charging £15 an hour and now charge £20. It's worth a shot :)
  8. Hello,

    I am a full-time private tutor and would recommend 'First Tutors' and 'Tutor Hunt'. Netmums is also useful, but your best tool is probably a personal website. Learn the basics of 'search engine optimisation' and you have a simple - and if done right - cheap way to advertise your new business. I am not a teacher, so I cannot advise on aiding workloads. However, I do know that private tuition is a worthwhile and highly rewarding vocation - good luck!
  9. From personal experience, I think that the demand for personal tuition depends on where you live. I live on the the Bucks/NW London border and looking on First Tutors and Tutor Hunt, the number of people offering tuition is very high, and this includes qualified, experienced teachers. Competition like this has caused parents to baulk at even modest fees. Tuition centres are popping up everywhere, and just as quickly closing. A bit of research will give you an idea.

    I never got on with the Tutor Hunt website, as there seemed to be a glitch in the software. Every time I entered details of my referees, it immediately told me that there had been no response. I e-mailed the site but nothing happened.

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