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Discussion in 'Science' started by stusing100, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    I am considering providing some extra GCSE Science
    tutition for a student from a nearby school and I was wondering how
    much colleagues on here charge for 1 hour sessions?
    Thanks in anticipation of your replies
  2. I charge £20 an hour in NW England - but this is below market rate ... I think up to ~ £25. I think you might be in South London / Surrey - where I would expect the going rate to be a little higher There is a "Tutors" forum, where you might get better information
  3. I'm tutoring a lad A level physics at the moment and I charge £20 per hour (but only because I tutored his brother a few years ago). If was to take on anyone new I'd charge £20 for GCSE and £25 for A-level.
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    There was an article in the SundayTimes this weekend (sorry no link as you have to pay to see the dirty digger's online papers) about a tutor pulling in over 50k per year tutoring kids for 11 plus, GCSEs and A levels.
  5. London rates are higher - up to £50 for an hour of A level (but that includes all the preparation & the pupil will be set homework, which you then have to go through). More like £30 for GCSE.
  6. Sorry - forgot to add. The above rates for Physics or Maths. Don't know about other subjects.
  7. I charge £20 per hour for GCSE currently (South Bucks area) but this is definitely CHEAP. If I have to tutor next academic year (fingers crossed I'll find a job instead) then I'll be charging £25. And my A Level price will go up by £5 to £30 too. I do GCSE English, Maths on an as-needed basis with clients that I already have for GCSE Science, Chem, Bio, Physics, and also Chem and Bio A Level.

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