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Tutoring spelling Help!

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by eddiecarron, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Here's one exercise you could try. go to www.schoolwork.bz and enter the site using the entry code ure132ty Using the Boosting General Literacy Skills should and its built-in 'Spelling helper' should provide routine experience of spelling words correctly. If you see this pupil once a week, you could assign this as a daily exercise to be presented to you on your routine lessons. The best spelling course is to spell words correctly within context and not in meaningless lists. If you have any queries, just let me know!
  2. Thank you so much, i will definitely try these.
  3. Totally agree with balanced.

    A fantastic way of improving spelling long term is activating the correct areas of the memory that the student uses for recollecting words they already know how to spell.

    One way of explaining it is that they know how to spell the word but cannot remember it. If they were able to visualize the word - It would almost be like cheating as they would be able to see the word written inside their memory.

    Although it is very easy to do, it takes a little while to explain properly so that all the nuances can be understand so that you can then teach it. if you google spelling form memory or anything similar you should find lots of info - or you can message me directly.

    Good Luck -


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