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Tutoring platform refuses to contact rogue student

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by jean_daligault, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. jean_daligault

    jean_daligault New commenter


    I found a student through tutoring website SP.co.uk. He did not show up to our first lesson, and is not answering me. He had not paid in advance, and I'd like to recover the price of that lesson.

    When a similar situation (student had not paid the last lesson) had occurred on SP.fr, SP.fr phoned the student on my behalf, and he paid immediately. I was very impressed.

    But SP.co.uk refuses to contact the student, and equally refuses to give me contact details so that I can try to recover the money myself.

    Is this legitimate on their part? By preventing us from knowing anything about the student except for their first name and then shielding them from tutors, they're just protecting rogue students to the detriment of tutors.

    Any advice?

    Best regards,
  2. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I have never heard of SP.co.uk but a quick search leads to an advert saying that SP.co.uk is for sale for $45,000!

    I would certainly not deal with a website that does not allow you to contact the student before starting lessons. I would want to know something about the student before agreeing to tutor them.

    I would recommend only dealing with websites which charge the student a finder's fee for your contact details. At least then you know they are more likely to be genuine if they have paid for your details.

    I think you might have to put this down to experience and not deal with SP.co.uk again, if indeed they actually exist.
  3. jean_daligault

    jean_daligault New commenter

    Hum. SP is the one that starts with super. I'm sure you know them. They do charge a finder's fee.
  4. jean_daligault

    jean_daligault New commenter

    Well, they charge a yearly fee and not a finder's fee, so there's no incentive for a student to stick with the tutor.
  5. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Not a big deal. Write it off and don't use this company again. There are plenty very good ones. Just out off interest if they don't give you contact details how can you tutor them in their own home?
  6. jean_daligault

    jean_daligault New commenter

    I do online tutoring. I get the student's email address.

    A third of my business last year came from them, so I don't want to write them off!

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