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Tutoring - more money, no planning, less hours and zero stress

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by bignosegringo, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. I was eight weeks away from finishing my PGCE course at a respectable institution in London, when I decided to throw the towel in. Why? Well, I was placed in a failing school with a teacher, who failed her Mock Ofsted and children that had severe psychological and emotional needs. This combined with an overwhelming workload led me to my decision to withdraw from the course.

    I am now happily tutoring, earning more money than I would have done as a teacher in a school. I work fifteen hours a week, doing very little planning and with almost no stress. I never plan to go back and for not one second do I regret my decision.

    I am interested to find out about other people who are in a similiar position, earning their income from tutoring alone.
    I believe that this is a great alternative to teaching in a school and a complementary means of education for children at school - boosting their self esteem, aspirations for the future and confidence in their learning.
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Not sure how you can earn more money than you can teaching on only 15 hours a week. But I do agree that it is a lot less stressful than teaching and you get really good interaction with the kids.
  3. I do a lot of planning/resource prep for the tutoring work I do (I tend to block a day in to do it every few weeks and plan in batches). Obviously it's easier if you have a couple of kids at a similar level so you can double up on planning, and it gets easier over time as you get more and more resources together - but initially I found the planning burden not just a little job.
    Still can be much nicer than supply with a really really rough class though - I don't make a lot of cash through it - but it's enough to help things run smoothly in our life.
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  4. I have just moved to Manchester after completing NQT and 1 year of teaching KS2 and decided to take a chance with supply teaching until I got a better idea of the area, plus there doesn't seem to be any permanent positions available at the moment. I would love to do private tutoring but how? I have searched the web but can't seem to find anything appropriate? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sorry to hear you did not complete your PGCE, I know how stressful it can be especially when you have little support.
    I have completed my PGCE but did not manage to secure a job instantly so I did some tutoring (which initially led me to do a PGCE) during the summer holidays. I must say it was very easy and less stressful. I was doing 16 hours (a month) and getting good money.
    I also met a Gernan teacher who decided to go on her own and said that she was always busy. She works with 3 agencies and also gives private tuition herself.

    I am currently completing my NQT in a comprehensive school. I found it through an agency and to be honest the pay is far too low for the amount of effort I put. So far I have been working 10 hours a day. Moreover it is a contract that last until December, although I am getting an induction.
    I know that it is just the beginning but sometimes I feel that I am more of a babysitter trying to conduct a lesson than a professional .

    I am trying my best but just believe that I should look out for other options as I don't want my blood pressure to raise.
  6. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    I was interested to read your post. I agree it does seem that lot of time is spent on babysitting the children. I am sometimes amazed at how much progress the children I tutor make and I wonder how much time is wasted in the child's school day. Still, it's the social interaction which is a great benefit to children at school.
    I am going to be launching a website very soon for my new company Early Bird Tutors, which offers families the chance to find vetted and qualified tutors online. You sound like you would make an excellent candidate for the site. Would you mind me asking what subject you trained in? or was it primary?

  7. Hi Early Bird - I am secondary trained in Sciences - up to A Level - was wondering your website will be in all areas of the country - I already do provate tuition and have done for a few years in addition to school - pretty much out of the schools now - see above for reasons!
  8. Private!
  9. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I am interested in becoming a private tutor - what age range/subjects will you be offering, Early Bird? (I am mainly A level Sociology)
  10. Hi Adrian,
    Having seen your posting I would be keen to find out more about your earlybird tutoring and very interested in becoming a tutor. I am primary trained.
    Hope to hear more.
    P x

  11. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    Hi Bad Teacher (Great tutor I'm sure),
    We plan to focus on London first and then, branch out to other places.
    I'll certainly keep you posted of developments as I understand there is a lot of demand for science tuition.
    Enjoy the tutoring

  12. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    Hi Ravena,
    We will be offering all ages and subjects. Where are you based?
    It would be great to get you signed up. Our pre-launch website will be ready soon where you will be able to register and fill out a short questionnaire. Would you be interested in signing up?
    All the best
  13. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Why would anybody sign up with an agency when you can do it yourself. There are free websites available and believe me you will be inundated very quickly.
  14. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    Hi Phatsals,

    I certainly agree. Agency´s take a chunk of money, which effectively reduces your rate. Our website will be free and we hope you will be inundated. What has your experience been of other websites?
  15. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    Hi Phoebe

    I´ll be in touch soon with the website details.
  16. I would be interested too. I'm currently doing some 1:1 maths tuition but my main subject is science. I am also an Early years professional and have had some 1:1 tuition experience for the primary age group too.

    I live in the North West. Is that too far?


    Angelfish :)
  17. earlybirdtutors

    earlybirdtutors New commenter

    Not at the beginning, but in the future yes. When do you tutor? How do you find students? What is the youngest you have taught? I didnt think tutoring children too young worked. What's your experiences of this been like?
  18. Hi,
    I'm a fully qualified primary school teacher and recently started tutoring in London having left teaching last December.
    I'm interested to know if people are doing this full time as this is what i'm looking to get into. I've advertised with one agency (you just register your details on their site) and it's been quite successful but I'd like to get this up and running - does anyone have any tips?
  19. I did my maths PGCE in 2004 and decided after hellish crowd control classrooms I couldnt get out of school soon enough! I now make a very nice living tutoring maths in north London. Now that I've had a few years experience, I know the syllabus from KS1 through to GCSE so very little prep time required. Its extremely satisfying to take on pupils from the crappy state school classrooms and transform their learning so that they jump from D's to B's and A's at GCSE.
    I truly don't know how and why anyone would put up with the stress of classrooms nowadays, when the pupils hold the balance of power ...not to mentioned the stupid politics between schools management and staff...
  20. Hi,
    I am currently doing a PGCE at the moment. Just wondering how you manage to fit in enough hours to do it full-time. I had presumed this would be difficult as the pupils are at schoold during the day.

    Many thanks in advance.

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