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Tutoring during the school day

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by sallysenco, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I am a Primary teacher and SENCO with a specialism in Literacy Difficulties, and am about to become AMBDA qualified. I have 2 Primary aged children so would really rather not tutor after school. Has anyone had any experience of tutoring within school time? My arguement would be that children can be taken out of school for physiotherapy / SALT / OT sessions / piano / music lessons, so why not specialist help with Literacy or Dyslexia?
    I guess I need to word it very convincingly when talking to prospective parents, but perhaps market myself as a highly specialised resource?
  2. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I tutor during school time, as I have a home-schooled pupil on my books, who travels to me independently and who I see for 5 hours a week. So if you are able to tap into the home-education market in your area, you might well fnd this is a viable way of recruiting day-time tutees. Also, depending on which ages / levels you are willing to teach, you may also be able to recruit adult learners who wish to brush up on their literacy skills or take/re-take their GCSES, and I have also tutored VIth formers during the school day when they have been able to come during their free periods.

    Other than that though, I think you will struggle to recruit tutees who are usually at school during the day-times, although it is possible that you might be able to establish yourself within a school where students come out of their lessons to have a session with you, but in many cases, school budgets do not stretch to this level of support, no matter how desirable or beneficial such a service would be. Even when I was doing 1:1 tuition in schools through the government scheme, the teachers were very strict about children not being withdrawn from their class numeracy and literacy lessons for additional support and therefore I was only able to go in and schedule tuition sessions to take place during afternoon sessions when they tended to fall doing topic work or subjects such as art or PE (which of course the children weren't over-joyed about missing, and I felt a bit of a baddie appearing in the doorway of their classroom just as some fun activity was about to get underway to withdraw them for support with their English!).

    Unfortunately, it is very much the case that the most demand for tuition is during after-school time, which is not especially convenient for me either! It becomes even more awkward when many children are tied up with after-school activities / clubs and extra lessons on the school site that the days and times they could have a potential lesson with me after school are very restricted and it becomes very difficult to match my availability with theirs!
  3. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Hi there. At the school where I work, there is a tutor who comes into the school twice a week to do 1:1 tutoring with a few pupils. I'm not sure whether the parents fund it, or whether the school funds it. I will see if I can find out for you if it helps?

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